Congratulations to our new moderator, BlukaufKlaue! + More News!

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Congratulations to our new moderator, BlukaufKlaue! + More News!

Post by .Luke on Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:47 am

We have a new guy on the staff just now. ^^ While BlukaufKlaue hasn't modded a community before, that isn't always what we are looking for in a new staffer. We're always eager to have greenhorns too if they're just as excited about participating more actively in the community as the seasoned candidates; we all have to start somewhere, and I applaud that initiative. Welcome aboard, BlukaufKlaue! Just watch out for that delete button, and a few others, next to every post, you don't want to wind up editing someone else's post instead of quoting it. =P

Also, Paragon-Yoshi just became an Admin a couple days back as well, just encase anyone noticed his username change color! If you feel it's too purply for your tastes Paragon, let me know. XD You can never be too careful by having multiple Administrators on the staff, and I trust this guy with the very guts and soul of our boards. I'm glad to have him as co-founder. :')

Let the fireworks of progress and celebration commence! Okay, I don't have any, just a picture of some, but it's the thought that counts, right? =P

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