Scariest/Creepist/Most Disturbing VG Characters/Creatures

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Scariest/Creepist/Most Disturbing VG Characters/Creatures

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:52 pm

Alright, now it's time to get scary.

I am sure we've played a lot of games by now.
And I am also sure that you might have encountered some characters or creatures that just scared you or at least unsettled you.
Now what are the scariest, creepiest or more disturbing characters and creatures you ever ever encounter in your VG-life?
Feel free to post them here.

My personal list:
Surprisingly, they all come from NON-HORROR GAMES!!!

Dark Link
Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Yes, Dark Link is a totally unoriginal piece of trash that the game didn't need.
And yet it still is one of the most memorable fights.
It scared me when I first played the game as a kid and it kept me from replaying the game from the beginning back then.
What makes it so scary?
It's mainly the foggy, devoid scenery, a room with seemingly no end.
Then there is the fact that Dark Link isn't in the room at first.
You need to go to the locked door on the opposite site and then he suddenly appears on the middle of the room, by the tree.
And last but not least, he is transparent and barely visible at first.
So when the Mini-Boss music suddenly starts and see the figure coming towards you, it does give the a scare.
At least the first time you play it.

Here, if you want to experience it yourself:

Game: Lylat Wars

Andross by himself might be a rather funny looking guy. But at the hard route, his true form is all the more hideous for that.
Does it sound disgusting. YOU BET IT IS!!!

(The Andross Battle starts around 2:56)

The Sorrow
Game: Metal Gear Solid 3

Definitely one of the most unique Boss Battles in video game history. And one of the creepiest.
You are pitted against a Boss that you actually cannot defeat.
The scenery is a semi-afterlife place, that looks like a long endless river with dead fishes and a thunderstorm.
You have to follow The Sorrow to the end of the river, while dodging his wierd beam-attacks.
However, each time they hit you, a screamer comes that will surely scare you.
To make this "battle" even more creepy, the spirits of all the people you've killed over the course of the game appear here and move in a zombie-like fashion and drain your life-energy, if they touch you.


Game: Super Street Fighter II

Okay. What exactly is so scary of him?


Game: Mother 2 (named "Earthbound" in the US)

Okay. Many players consider this to be the scariest boss battle ever.
While I have seen worse personally, I gotta agree it's one of the scariest and most disturbing ones ever.
You cannot even describe it.
Well, Giygas in his "transformed" form was designed to be something that you just can't make any sense of.
And darn, Nintendo sure accomplished that.
The creepy soundtrack and noises, the nonsensical and disturbing lines that Giygas lets loose and not to forget DAT FACE!
Combine all of this together and it results in a disturbing experience that can potentially give you nightmares.

It also resulted in a controversy. Since this boss battle heavily contrasts to the rest of the game.
The game is actually light-hearted and rather humorous.
But with the final boss battle it takes a 180 degree turn, from light-hearted and funny to just outright disturbing and horrifying.
I can't believe that Nintendo actually created such a creature.

Here a video, if you dare to experience it yourself:

So much for my list.
Feel free to add your own. Extra Smile
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Re: Scariest/Creepist/Most Disturbing VG Characters/Creatures

Post by .Luke on Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:36 pm

Having played OoT at age 9, Dark Link only scared me at first because I didn't know how to hit him, and he was draining my supply of potions fast. Then I pulled out the hammer, enough said! XD

And those BGs in Earthbound are pretty freaky for an otherwise sunny game; that escalated quickly. =P

That pic of Bison is a bit freaky, IMO, but I was mostly surprised they added a nice ripply effect behind the portrait. Sure does emphasize Bison's sting of failure.

Anyway, I have a bunch of things that used to scare me! (I actually don't play a lot of horror games, but it still takes a lot to make me shudder.) When I was fourteen, these guys from Return To Castle Wolfenstein (One of iD's best single player FPSs ever, IMO. PC/PS2) had me rattled :

Pretty much any boss from that game was equally terrifying to me too, but that should show you what I mean without posting a dozen screens. =P (Seriously, that last guy, the final boss, can slug you to the other side of the arena!) I was desensitized by that point, then proceeded to plow through the DOOM trilogy fearlessly, whereas I used to chicken out as a kid. I definitely got my vengence on those demons on Titan for killing my hamster!

Then Dead Space came out, (PC/XBOX/PS3) and my cousin challenged me to play it myself all the way through. That is still the only game to ever make me say, "Get'em off me!!!". Those necromorphs are bloody clever little sacks of meat that love to mame and kill anything they please, you can never see them coming until it's too late! I must have dropped a lot of sweat until Chapter 3, and lost it the rest of the way through. XD

The sequel is even worse, I don't care what the hardcore fans say about a weaker fear factor, those stalkers gave me the shivers! ;____; To think those little buggers, used to be house pets! (Least bloody picture I could find, sorry! It's just a few squirts, but still tagged just encase some readers don't want to see it anyway.)


Also, this :

As Shortrun would say, "RUN *****, RUN!!!".

And who could forget Actraiser? (SNES)

Seriously, these masks freaked me out at age seven. Then came the boss -

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Actually a pretty easy boss if you don't spam the Y button all the time, but still, most games don't have bosses like this anymore.

Also, Slender (PC only.) as a game isn't the most immersive, (And if you have an Intel graphics card, lower the settings or prepare for intense lag!) but it does know how to scare you, in my experience; not bad for a quick jump. Don't let the memes about it fool you! Sanitorium is almost as bad.

Well, that's about all that actually scared me before. Some bosses in other games have me sweat, but never frightened.
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Re: Scariest/Creepist/Most Disturbing VG Characters/Creatures

Post by Nai255 on Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:11 am

As mentioned in the Memorable Boss Battles thread, the NES Metroids were the first to fright me up. The dark steel jungle that is Tourian coupled with it's music, and knowing that they could float out of nowhere any second to leech on, and they weren't letting go without a fight. That noise they make when pumping missiles into them is kinda unsettling, too.
Made even "better" in (the original) Metroid Prime when put into a first-person perspective, mwa ha ha...

Doom II was more or less the first genuinely mature / violent video game I got into, and it's devil-spawn all put me on edge in various ways. The Arch-Vile's low laugh, the Cyberdemon's thunderous pounding hooves, the Spider Mastermind's screams (and that chaingun of course)... at that age, it was premium nightmare fuel, but I enjoyed every moment of it, eheh.
I've also heard some people say that System Shock 2 can be scary: probably because it's an FPS with virtually no ammo and weapons that break after 3 shots Razz

And as much as I've enjoyed Diablo III, I don't think it gets more darker or atmospheric than the original. The menacing Death Knights, the sinister Succubi, those Millipede-looking things, and of course, The Butcher: FRESH MEAT! Twisted Evil

Giygas definitely deserves honorable mention. Though I've only played through Earthbound once, that final encounter is one I won't soon forget


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Re: Scariest/Creepist/Most Disturbing VG Characters/Creatures

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Mon Sep 17, 2012 1:23 am

I can see why those creatures would scare you, combined with sudden appearances from whatever place,

Metroids I don't find so scary.
But I think it's their leeching that is one scare-factor here. So I can relate to that.

Never played DOOM. Never plan to.

But Diablo had some creepy creatures for sure. The most creepy ones are in II for me.
The Sand Maggots and all their variants creep me out.
Especially in the lairs, when they suddenly appear around the corner, due to the fog of war.

I still find it surprising how easily my submissions were dismissed as "not so scary/creepy", while many other players say otherwise.
Especially Giygas.
Now I figured he would get some more credit.
Considering how most players think of him...
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Re: Scariest/Creepist/Most Disturbing VG Characters/Creatures

Post by Maetch on Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:33 pm

I never thought Giygas as anything resembling "creepy". Or for that matter, useful. All it did was just sit there like a lump of useless brain matter that couldn't even command its own troops since it was practically brain-dead. If anything, Porky was the real villain since he was the one coordinating Giygas's minions and most actively getting in the player's way.

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Re: Scariest/Creepist/Most Disturbing VG Characters/Creatures

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