We have a new guy on the staff!

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We have a new guy on the staff! Empty We have a new guy on the staff!

Post by .Luke on Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:04 am

Like the topic's title says, we have a new guy on board with the staff! ^_^ He's my long-time buddy, touch-death, and after I introduced him to the boards a few minutes ago, he was eager to participate here himself as a moderator.

Admittedly, he actually knows nothing about Shantae! It was the first time I ever brought her up to him. =P But that's not to say he isn't an Internet savy guy. Touch is a pretty clever bloke with a real sense of humor, and he can be just as serious at times as he is comical; a real page turner and the life of any party. I'm glad to have him aboard in this community, and fully trust him to make well-meditated decisions as well as anybody else. Granted, he can be quite crazy sometimes, but Touch is probably one the most mature guys I know in real life, infinitely more so than I was at his age. This was no spur of the moment decision, I have thought about it for some time and very glad to have him on the staff now.

So, allow me to pull out my metaphorical fireworks once more! =P

We have a new guy on the staff! Animated_fireworks

Btw, ShantaeVocaloid, you still haven't replied to my PM yet. XD
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