Moved Profiles to the left and enabled the Thanks button!

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Moved Profiles to the left and enabled the Thanks button!

Post by .Luke on Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:30 am

I feel silly for thinking we would have to edit the CSS style sheet to get user avatars to show up on the left side of a message instead of the right! :#

This has been resolved easily in the Admin panel with : CP > General > Forum > Configuration > Page Structure > Profile position of the message = Yes

Now the one thing that has been annoying me from Day 1 on these boards is finally solved! EDIT : Also proud to say that with a little CSS editing, I got the margins to change too! (Thanks to Sanket on the forumotion support boards the the code!) I'm already much happier with this, and we look less generic for it. Let me know what you guys think so I don't feel like I've thrown a curveball at all of you. =P

Also, I added the Thanks button, which means you can thank people if the option is there, (Everyone except the Topic Creator can be thanked. EDIT : Turns out you can only thank topics, so that's why.) and you'll get "gems" for it, i.e, reputation points. Probably won't do much more than to boost your egos, but I'm sure some of you guys will put it to good use in time. ^^ Sorry that the button's in French, I've already made a Gem colored one for our big forum skin makeover, so that will be fixed as soon all the forum icons are done.
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