Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - All-Star Battle

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - All-Star Battle

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sat Nov 03, 2012 10:19 am

TGS 2012 Trailer:

Gameplay (Recorded):

After... who knows how many years, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure makes a surprising return in the Fighting-Genre.

Back then, Capcom made a fighting game about this manga-franchise and it was very popular.
It featured the 3rd Arc of the series, named "Stardust Crusaders".
And it was 2D-fighting action, like you know it from Capcom.

But it was the only noteworthy game of this series.
The games that followed were only mediocre RPGs.

But now, this time made by Namco Bandai, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure becomes once again a fighting game.
And it looks pretty darn sweet.

While based on Capcom's strict 2D-engine, here you will be able to move sideways, like in the "Dragonball Budokai" series.
Plus, it will feature ALL 7 ARCS of the series. So characters from all 7 arcs can finally duke it out.

What else is there to say?
Just watch the videos and be amazed. Extra Smile
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