Merry Christmas 2012!!!

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Merry Christmas 2012!!! Empty Merry Christmas 2012!!!

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Mon Dec 24, 2012 1:18 pm

What else is there to say?

Christmas has started.
So in the name of the whole staff, we'd like to wish you a "MERRY CHRISTMAS 2012"!

A special shoutout to people:
For making the forums and giving it so much care.
He even created a Twitter account, a DA-group, a chatroom and is also willing to program a Shantae game.
Let's keep up that support! Kitty Face

A loyal forum-regular, who also created those lovely Shantae-emoticons.
Thanks so much for that. Smile

The guy with awe-inspiring art, who also is the mastermind behind our current fan-game project.
A great guy all and all. Too bad he has so little time these days.
But let's hope he will have so more time soon. Wink

The member who created the logo and inspired the creation of our Shantae-themed skin.
Hasn't done any real stafff work yet. But still, a great member to have. Extra Smile

Other loyal members worth mentioning:
- Maetch
- Ex321
- BossFight

Thanks so much for the support everyone.
We're still waiting for the day, where this forum will be booming with activity.
But we're happy to have made it this far. And we will press on with confidence and determination.

Of course, we'd also like to wish Merry Christmas to...
Matt Bozon and the WayForward Team
Despite a few little mishaps (but we all make them at some points, no? Razz), you guys did a great job.
And you definitely deserve a lot of praise, for being true artistic video game creators.
The kind of people we need more of these days...
But either way, keep up the great work and never forget your artistic values.
But I am sure you will keep making great games for a long time to come. Wink

And and of course, one we mustn't forget...
Also a merry christmas to you, our favourite girl-hero.
Be sure to get your power back ASAP and keep whipping up evil good. Be it Risky or whoever else is threatening peace.
I can see dangerous things ahead of you, as well as some villains that might use powers that you have never seen before.
But we're sure that your strength and sense for justice will always prevail in the end.
Keep it up. We and all other Shantae-Fans out there are rooting for you! Wink


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Merry Christmas 2012!!! Empty Re: Merry Christmas 2012!!!

Post by Nai255 on Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:00 pm

Aww, thanks everyone. Smile
Here's to a Happy Holidays for all! Stay merry and warm this season, ya?

Merry Christmas 2012!!! Sig

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Merry Christmas 2012!!! Empty Re: Merry Christmas 2012!!!

Post by .Luke on Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:48 pm

Same to you, Nai. ^^ I hope you all have a great Christmas. It's been a pretty good year for the Fans Portal, and we've come a long way already still being months old, with a completely new skin along with all our other channels, and we have more than one person to thank for that. I still feel blessed you guys did so much to improve this place and make it a special corner of the Internet for all our Shantae love. A big thanks to every one of you. >w<

And Paragon deserves thanks himself. The Twitter page was his idea, he improved the forum layout, provided tons of useful feedback and criticism while we skinned the forums, and he reminded me we still had to skin the forums in the first place. His suggestions and council have helped me keep a level head through it all, so I feel like I've matured a good bit because of him being on the admin team with me. If not for talking to him about a lot of things, much of the snark and bitterness I still carried with me from the SRB2 message board wouldn't be gone now. (As much as I hated the nonsense that went on there, I was ironically snappy myself at times.) He's a great guy and a good friend; I'm glad Paragon is on the team. I trust him to pieces and appreciate the time he's already clocked keeping this place very much alive.

Thanks for being Shantae's biggest fan, Paragon, and I look forward to seeing this place go in new directions with you at the helm with me and the rest of the staff. Smile
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Merry Christmas 2012!!! Empty Re: Merry Christmas 2012!!!

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