Do Games Help You Ease Stress?

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Do Games Help You Relieve Stress?

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Do Games Help You Ease Stress?

Post by .Luke on Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:30 pm

Just figured this would make an interesting poll! Are games sometimes a conduit for letting loose real life frustrations to you?

As for me, rarely do games help me unleash a fruitbasket of emotions, especially anger. While playing Street Fighter II once, I actually came close to crushing the controller with all the punchs and kicks I threw. When I finally screwed up enough times, I just had to go for a walk and vent the right way, letting the emotions run their course. (i.e, just dealing with it instead of ignoring it.) Quake III was even worse, I could have almost snapped my mouse in two from the death grip I had on that thing!

Although as far as releasing frustration, for some reason, playing the first Halo shooter on Normal or Hard works pretty well. I guess it's all that purple blood, relentless melee smacks and tons of aliens running away from my merciless campaign of focused destruction. I don't really get a kick out of feeling like a god, wrecklessly murdering dozens of humans, or roaring like an all-powerful warrior, but beating hordes of trigger-happy aliens to a pulp does feel pretty good.
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Re: Do Games Help You Ease Stress?

Post by Nai255 on Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:18 pm

It depends on the game, and the difficulty of course eheh.
After spending numerous attempts trying to beat a boss in Ys on Nightmare, I sometimes just wanna take my mind off it by slicing through all the lesser enemies leading up to said boss to cool myself down... and the extra EXP doesn't hurt, either.

I remember thinking the concept behind Kirby's Epic Yarn was ridiculous: a game where you can't die? But then again, sometimes one simply wants to relax and enjoy a game without worrying about such nuisances as a finite life meter.
Not to mention all sorts of other "ungames" and in-game activities where one can simply relax without doing something as strenuous as going on a mass mook massacre. Like chilling in the Chao Garden after a hard day of A-rank hunting Kitty Face

So yeah, I like to challenge myself but when things start getting too rough, I don't mind dialing things back to help keep my cool. I'm not chicken, I'm just chillin' Cool


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