What do you interpret into the characters?!?

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What do you interpret into the characters?!? Empty What do you interpret into the characters?!?

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sat Feb 02, 2013 12:13 am

Like with every game character out there, we have official info from the games and developers alike.
Which define every game character in existence.

Nevertheless, there is always room for everyone to interpret different things into a character.
As such, everyone has a different take on a character and different versions of one character are created.

So this topic is all about those takes on the Shantae characters.
What do you see in each of the characters?


I see her as a friendly, caring and protective character.
At the same time, since she is rather young, she isn't the most mature character and rather naive.
And yet she has a great sence of justice and is very brave, willing to risk anything for everyone she cares for, without a moments doubt.
She is blessed with great power, giving her the ability of her magical hair whip.
However, there might be much more to her power than we currently know...

Also, since Bolo is considered her "sparring partner", I figured she is a capable martial artist as well.
As such, I think she can also switch to a more traditional way of hands-on fighting.
And frankly, it's something I'd like to see more of. (You know me... Razz)

Yeah, he is your generic "anime-pervert".
And yet, despite on how infinitely dumb he was in the first game, I think there is more than enough potential for character development in him.
I am sure that he can grow to become more intelligent and less blinded by woman beauty. Wink

When she was introduced to me, she seemed to be a very friendly character, totally unlike what you would expect a "War Bird Trainer" to be.
And yet I am convinced that she is very caring. And I do believe that she cares for all of her birds.
Also, I do believe that she likes birds generally.
So I figure that once she spots an awesome bird, she'd get crazy and would like to "adopt" it.
Just something I think that would make sense... Wink

Now this is a very interesting character to me. Since there is so much you can interpret into her.
Her personality is very vague to me. Leaving countless options to shape her inner self.
I think it is like this:
On the outside, she is an athletic, tough girl and manipulative brain-muncher.
But on the inside, she is a friendly girl that is very loyal to her family, doing anything for them.
At the same time though, she really likes Shantae and even considers her a friend.
But since she has a reputation that she doesn't want ruined, she can't bring herself to let those feelings reach the surface.

I even think she doesn't care about Shantae's brain anymore. And would really like to be friends with her.
But it's impossible without ruining her tough image.
So short and sweet, I think of her as a "hard shell, soft core" type of character.

Poe and Abner
Since I haven't played Risky's Revenge yet, I can only base this on the limited intel I have on them.

I know that they are bad influences on Rotty and even got her to team up with Risky.
So I figure they know part of Rotty's "soft core" and that she is very loyal to her family.
And they make use of that to manipulate her into doing things.
I would even go so far to think that they actually don't care that much for her and only see her "means to an end".

Now what would happen if those were the true colors of the brothers and it'd reach the surface, getting Rotty to learn about it?
That I'd like to see? Razz

Well, what is there much to say about this character?
She is a generic villain, who thinks the whole world revolves around them and thinks she can enforce her ways on people.
She is cunning and is capable of building machines.
But I think she also has a screw loose. I mean, this is based on her lines from the first game, where she says that the sea belongs to her alone and that every had to pay her, if they want to use it.
This really made me thought "From what kind of madhouse did she escape form?!?".
So yeah, she is rather intelligent, but very dangerous.
Fitting as main villainess of the Shantae series.

That is all.

Once again, those are only my personal takes on those characters.
I am sure you have your own interpretations on them. So you might not agree with my views.
That is totally fine.

Like I said before, everyone had their own take on characters.
Just be sure to respect views, okay? Wink

So then, what are your takes on Shantae characters? Smile
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What do you interpret into the characters?!? Empty Re: What do you interpret into the characters?!?

Post by Maetch on Sat Feb 02, 2013 1:50 am

*Shantae - The heroine. She's a bit of a lazy drip (her apathetic egg-raising habits, slacking off on dance practice) and is easily suckered by praise or flattery (Risky's disguise and flattery fooling her), but she deeply cares for her friends and homeland and wouldn't ditch them for anything, not even the chance to be a full-blooded genie.

*Mimic - Something of a long-winded braggart (spinning tales of his adventures) and a bit lacking in common sense (building the Steam Engine), but it's obvious that Shantae treats him as her main parent-figure. The fact that he knew her ever-elusive mother and knows too much about the evil lamp in RR, however, suggests that he's got more than a few skeletons in his closet.

*Bolo - I don't see him as Shantae's "sparring partner" so much as her punching bag. He's loyal, at least.

*Sky - Tough, no-nonsense, and does not take failures or insults lightly. She cares for Shantae, even if she doesn't usually show emotion to signify it.

*RottyTops - Mischievous and always looking to poke fun at someone (according to her official bio, she enjoys picking on Shantae for being such a goody-two-shoes), but she knows when not to cross the line... except where her brothers are involved.

*Risky Boots - An egostistical, greedy bully in the vein of King Dedede from Kirby. She thinks the whole world revolves around her and wants to prove it to everybody, but often fails due to comical misfortune that usually involves Shantae and/or some higher-level villain. When she loses control of a situation, she gets REALLY furious (her first battle with Shantae)

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What do you interpret into the characters?!? Empty Re: What do you interpret into the characters?!?

Post by Nai255 on Sat Feb 02, 2013 3:47 pm

Shantae: Dedicated and determined, she's never afraid of an adventure so long as she's having fun doing so, happily bouncing about in place and dancing into different forms

Risky: Intimidating and cunning. If there's anything she enjoys more than a good plunder, it's toying with her victims as she sits smugly atop her well-equipped ships to soak in the struggles of her enemies

Bolo: Easygoing and ego-charged. He means well, but sometimes simply doesn't think with his brain, but instead his bolo, or...

Mimic: Wise and curious. Enjoys discovering new things, yet doesn't always stop to realize possible consequences in advance. A deep thinker, but doesn't always think ahead when confronted with something new and shiny

Sky: Strong and stern. Her birds are her life, but still has the common sense to not put them above all her other friends. Unless perhaps they're already flying overhead Playful Wink

Rottytops: Enjoys mischief and harmless pranks, so long as she's not on the receiving end of said mischief

What do you interpret into the characters?!? Sig

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What do you interpret into the characters?!? Empty Re: What do you interpret into the characters?!?

Post by Axol The Axolotl on Tue May 21, 2013 4:30 pm

Rotty tops always reminds me of my sister.
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What do you interpret into the characters?!? Empty Re: What do you interpret into the characters?!?

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