Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money"

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Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money" Empty Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money"

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:23 pm

Hi there, everyone.

I recently have become a fan of the Hitman-franchise.
I bought both "Hitman: Absolution" and the "Hitman HD Trilogy" shortly after (which has three of the past Hitman-games "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin", "Hitman: Contracts" and "Hitman: Blood Money" ported in HD).
The missing game "Hitman: Codename 47", the very first entry of the series, I experienced through complete playthroughts, including the story.

And of course, I too have seen the controversy around the latest entry "Hitman: Absolution", which has been torn apart by many fans.
But is it really that bad?

Well, personally, I think it is NOT! Most critical posts by fans are seriously overblown, if you ask me.
Absolution is a good game. But I am neutral about it.
It did some things worse than the previous games, but it also did other things better than the previous games.

So here I am, comparing "Hitman: Absolution" with the best entry of the classic-style Hitman games "Hitman: Blood Money".
Of course, some points from the previous games will also be mentioned here, if appropriate.
So here we go.

Like I said, Absolution is a good game. And there are things it did better than the previous games.
Yes, I also said it did some things worse. But we will get to that later.
So first, I will tell you what Absolution did better IMO.

- Controls
The control layout in Absolution is much more convenient and much easier to me.
And the more 3rd-Person Shooter typical way of shooting, aka "one button for aiming and another for shooting" works so much better IMO.
One of the biggest flaws from "Blood Money" IMO was THROWING OBJECTS.
Okay, I only played the PS3 version (from the HD Trilogy), so I cannot say how it worked in the PC-version.
But in the PS3 version you had to hold down the left control stick and then let go to throw.
This control-scheme was just terrible. So Absolution handled it much better.
Once again, utilizing the Aim-Button to prepare the throw and then the Fire-Button to perform it.
And you could still move around and perform other actions, no problem. And you could even cancel the throw, by just letting go of the aim-button.
But in Blood Money, you couldn't do either of those things. Once you prepare the throw, you are FORCED to perform it and you couldn't perform any other actions, other than moving around, until you've thrown the object.
Okay, the control scheme of Blood Money isn't the worst. And you can easily get used to it.
But Absolution just did it all better and got rid of unnecessary limitations.

I never was too fond of the HUD's of the Hitman-games that came before Absolution.
They were so tiny and didn't display enough, if you ask me.
But the HUD of Absolution fixed that. The best thing of Absolution's HUD was the addition of a RADAR.
Also you can now see what weapon you have selected, even if it is holstered. PERFECT!
Which made things much more convenient. But I will get into more detail about it later.
And the other displays are now bigger, much better to see and more conveniently placed IMO.
So yeah, Absolution's HUD is pretty much perfect here.

- Spotting-Process
Another thing that I like about Absolution, is that enemies don't immediately take action against you, the second they spot you.
You are now always given time to cancel illegal things and/or make yourself scarce, before things escalate.
Of course, this isn't so easy, if an enemy is right next to you. Since then they spot you in an instant.
The further enemies are away from you, the longer the spotting-process takes.
It might be a little unrealistic sometimes, but seriously SCREW REALISM! This is a game.
And games do need some charities for players, to not become a chore!

- Sneaking
Approaching an enemy silent is now much better, as it was in the previous games IMO.
Back then you had to hold the sneak-button to sneak. But 47 moved so slow back then...
It was rather impractical.
In Absolution you walk by default, which is always silent. Be it standing upright or crouching.
So approaching enemies can now be done in a faster and more convenient fashion.
Only if you run, by holding the sprint-button, will you generate noise.
Personally, I would make walking upright also noisy on short distances and only crouch-walking completely silent.
Then it would be perfect. But oh well..

- Extra enemies in difficulties
I actually like it, that there are extra enemies on higher difficulties.
So the same tactics that you used on lower difficulties might not work so easily on higher ones, if there are more enemies around on the watch.
In Blood Money, the higher difficulties only limited the amount of times you could save, as well as what is displayed on the map and forced you to hide everything from public eyes.
But since there were no extra enemies, you could do the exact same things without additional risks.
So yeah, another thing that Absolution did better.

New Actions
Instinct, Ledge-hanging, Cover System, grabbing enemies, vent-crawling, hiding spots, Point Shooting...
Those and more actions that 47 gained in this game work really well and add so much more variety to the gameplay.
The cover system maybe would've worked even better, if it were just like in Deus Ex Human Revolution, when it comes to going around corners when in cover.
But oh well...

Hiding both yourself and bodies
In Blood Money, bodies could only be hidden and dumpsters and similar containers. While you could only hide yourself in closets.
But in Absolution, you can now use both to hide yourself and bodies as well.
And they now can hold two bodies each, instead of just one. You count as one, if you hide in one.
So if a container already has two bodies hidden, you cannot enter it.
There are also more of them around now, allowing you to hide more bodies and also offering more hiding spots.
Personally, I would have liked to see more variety here, by including more types of containers, each with their own body-capacity.
But it's already good the way it is now. Going that extra mile wouldn't hurt tho...

- Variety of ways to sneak and kill targets
Okay, those were already there in the previous Hitman-games. Granted!
But in many cases, the options were still limited.
Absolution added a bigger variety here, giving you generally at least three options to kill targets (unseen).
There are also various ways to take, when it comes to sneaking through levels.
The variety is not as big as when it comes to killing targets, but it is there.
A little more still wouldn't hurt...

Distractions and Deadly Throws
I told you before that the throwing-mechanism has been made better in Absolution, no?
Well that also counts for distractions. The improved throwing-mechanism alone helps with that.
But you can also do many other things to distract enemies now, like triggering car alarms (which now can be done through special action, instead of shooting it) or activating other noisy contraptions.
Deadly Throws, aka throwing lethal objects at enemies to kill them, has also been greatly improved.
You can now lock onto them and then you just need to hit the attack-button and they're dead.
The only point of criticism from my side here: It SHOULDN'T work against armored enemies, UNLESS the object in question is armor-piercing.
So deadly throws can also be a little cheap at times. But oh well...

So as you can see, there are a lot of things that Absolution made better. At least in my opinion.

Now for some direct comparisons of features:
- Inventories
The inventory in Blood Money had a higher capacity, but forced you open a menu to select items and weapons.
In Absolution it has a limited capacity, but it handled much easier and more conveniently. It is a mini-menu that is handled quick and doesn't pause the game.
I like that Absolution made it so easy and quick to handle. And yet Blood Money allowed you to carry more items.
Well, I do like it that you cannot carry an entire warehouse of weapons with you, like you could in Blood Money. But at the same time, it is too limited at times.
Especially when it comes to household-weapons, you should be able to carry a little more of them.
I also dislike the fact that health-recovery items were being omitted and replaced with First Aid kit spots, that you had to go to to recover health.
Well, personally I don't want to go to certain spots to recover health and want to have it handy, when I need it.
They still were reasonably limited in Blood Money. So you couldn't recover an infinity of health.
So the quick and easy inventory of Absolution, combined with the high capacity inventory of Blood Money would work best IMO.
Deus Ex Human Revolution handled it best, not only when it comes to inventory-limits, but also for quickly selecting items and weapons in an instant.
So a direction like that would be good to go IMO.

BTW: There is a glitch with the Inventory of Blood Money, that when you select an item and release the button to exit the menu but move the stick before the gameplay resume, another item is being equipped instead of the one you chose.
Which messed up plays of levels often.

- Rifle Cases vs Concealable Rifles
In Blood Money and the games that came before, you couldn't conceal larger weapons like rifles and shotguns.
Even if you deselected them, 47 would still carry them around visibly.
For that, rifle cases were included that you could store weapons in, to hide them. And then carry them along with you, in your case.
In Absolution tho, rifle cases were removed and all weapons were made concealable.
It is more convenient, yes...
But still, I prefer the way Blood Money and the games before did it. And it has nothing to do with realism.
It just added more challenge and strategy to the game.
But personally, I found it a little impractical that you only could carry the WA2000 Sniper Rifle with you from the beginning, while all other rifles could only be stored and picked up from ICA-crates.
There were other cases, yes. But they were only used by enemies to carry their rifles unseen and you could only use them on those levels.
IMO, every rifle that you unlocked and decide to take with you should be stored in a briefcase and carried by 47 from the very start of a level.

- Radar (Absolution) vs Map (Blood Money)
Like I said above, I do welcome the addition of a Radar as part of the in-game HUD in Absolution.
However, it only shows one type of arrow for every individual and doesn't make a difference between enemies, police and civilians.
Crowds are not displayed on the radar at all.
In Blood Money tho, there is no radar on the HUD, but it has a map sub-menu, that shows a very detailed map of the area and even showed different colors for different individuals. Civilians, Enemies, Police, Targets and optional targets...
Each of them had their own color. So it was easy to see the difference.
Both of these features have their benefits.
So what would be the best thing to use? Well the answer is simple: USE BOTH!
A simple radar for the HUD and a more detailed map, with different colors for different types of people, as sub-menu.

- Disguise-Systems
Using Disguises is not as easy in Absolution, as it was in Blood Money.
In Blood Money you could move freely, as long as you didn't do anything illegal, move anywhere this type of disguise isn't allowed in or carry any weapons that did not correspond with your disguise.
In Absolution tho, people that wear the same clothes as you, will see through your disguise, if you move too close.
However, you could cover your face and prevent detection, at the cost of instinct.
And that I actually like about Absolution.
But the fact that every NPC with the same disguise as you is automatically suspicious of you, is extremey annoying and impractical, if you ask me.
And it even gets ridiculous, if they shouldn't even see your face by default, like when you wear a helmet or a mask.
IMO, for detections, "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin" and "Hitman: Contracts" handled it best. Where certain NPCs, who knew the faces of their people inside and out, blow your cover if you maintain eye contact for too long.
So yeah, only certain people should grow suspicious of you, as long as don't do anything suspicious or illegal for the kind of profession you're disguised as.
And NOT everyone by default.
Still, the concept of blending in, at the cost of the something, to avoid detection for a short time, from people that can blow your cover, surely is a great concept.
And it should definitely be kept.

- Weapons Armed
Just a small issue, but important nontheless.
In Absolution you would only be "Visibly Armed" if you were to openly hold any guns or close combat weapons like knives or meat cleavers.
It was the same in Blood Money, but for some reason the syringes would also count as weapons and people would be alarmed as if you were to hold a gun.
Which I found annoying and stupid. Holding a syringe might be suspicious, but it certainly is NOT illegal and I personally wouldn't be alarmed if someone around me were to merely hold a syringe.
Something like that should be reconsidered.
Tho one minor issue in Absolution, and here we come back to disguises for a short moment, is that it only checks IF a weapon is equipped but not WHAT KIND of weapon is equipped.
In Blood Money, for example, in the level A Vintage Year, when disguised as an outdoor guard, who normally carry shotguns, you were allowed to carry a shotgun.
But if you were to hold any other kind of weapon, that doesn't correspond with your disguise, your cover would be blown.
"Hitman 2: Silent Assassin" went even further that in certain disguises you are actually suspicious if you DON'T carry a certain type of weapon.
So yeah, this should be brought back.

- Instinct vs Agency Support
The Agency Support from Blood Money has been replaced with the Instinct in Absolution, since 47 is on his own here.
Okay, there is actually no contest here. The Instinct definitely is the better feature. It has much more helpful features than the Agency Support of Blood Money, that merely consists of ICA-crates that you can store weapons in for retrieval, instead of being forced to take them with you, and marking people and points of interest in the map.
In Blood Money, points of interest are not even explained in the slightest. While Absolution at least gives you some hints on what to do with them, but still being vague at the same time.
Okay, for some people it might be better, if you need to figure things out yourself. And I definitely see a strong point in that.
But personally, I prefer hints.

So much for direct feature comparisons.

Now for what you've probably been waiting for all along.
"What did Absolution do bad?"

Well before I say what I personally think is bad about Absolution, let's deal with what most fans think Absolution did wrong.
Those are the points of criticism I have seen from other Hitman-players around the net.

- Bad Plot
Many people claim that the plot is pure ****. Well, it is of course it is a matter of taste.
But I personally didn't find it too bad.
It's true that it was quite long drawn-out. But overall, I think it wasn't too bad.
Not the best plot of a Hitman-game, I admit. But still good, IMO.

- Too personal
People criticised that Absolution got way too personal and didn't keep its usual distance from the targets.
That 47 should never get personal and close to the targets and be completely detached from them only doing his work, like a true hitman.
Well, I can see the point in that.
But at the same time, I also think it is a matter of character development.
And that Absolution brought 47s human-side to light, instead of continuing the cold-blooded killer machine is used to be in the previous games.
Of course you can say that 47 shouldn't be human and personal and stick to being a cold-blooded assassin with no morals.
But frankly, I disagree with that. And generic unemotional killer machines are a brainless cliche IMO!

Also, this isn't the first time that 47 did it to save a friend, Victoria in this case. He also did it back then in "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin" to save Father Vittorio.
Since I also saw people complaining about that.
Of course, the difference was that in Hitman 2 he did work for the Agency like he did on all the other games, while in Absolution he was on his own and acted completely personal.

- Too much focus on the plot
What people also complained about is that Absolution focused more on the plot that in the previous games.
But seriously, WHY NOT?
It is no weakness to focus on the plot more, as long as the gameplay doesn't suffer from that.

- Too many stealth-levels and not enough targets
Okay, this one I actually partly agree on. There definitely should've been more targets in Absolution.
At least one per level.
But I don't find the stealth bits bad and I think they can be there. As long as there is a target to kill at the last section.
Plus, they could perfectly serve as preparation. Like collecting weapons and items on site, that can be useful for the hit at the end.

But levels like "Birdie's Gift" are definitely unnecessary. That I agree on.

- No sandboxy feel
People complained that the sandboxy feel was lost with many of the levels in Absolution. And many levels were too linear.
Okay, for the stealth-levels, yes. That is indeed a problem that I too have.
But the targets, while many of them weren't as sandboxy as levels from the previous games, I actually didn't mind them.
Fans say that they only truly sandbox-like level was "King of Chinatown". Well, yes. From all the levels in Absolution, it definitely is the most sandbox-like level.
But I still don't mind some stealth-areas, before the section with the target.

But yeah, which I had no problems with most of the target-sections, I do agree that it could've been more like the sandbox-levels from the previous games.
And it certainly wouldn't hurt to bring levels like those back.
But adding pure stealth-sections before them to reach the target and maybe build up the tension surely isn't bad either.

- Rating System
The arcade-like rating system and the low number of 6 ranks, as opposed to the 40+ ranks from Blood Money, received a lot of hatred from the fans.
And here I actually AGREE with them. The rating-system is a serious stepback.
A rating system like that just doesn't work for a game like Hitman.
Plus, it has an obvious point-cap. So what point is there in Leaderboards, if there is a score that you cannot possibly beat?
So yeah, I could say more to this, but I guess the fans already made the flaws of this system clear.
The rating-system in Blood Money was so much better. But the only flaw it had, is that it didn't keep track of ALERTS, like the previous games did.
With it comes the exploit that enemies could be alerted and shoot at you in your regular clothes and yet as long as nobody saw you doing anything illegal, there would be no witnesses and you can get "Silent Assassin".
A real flaw in the rating system. So IMO, enemys turning hostile against you should also count against you.
But yeah, a rating-system like Blood Money's should definitely return. It just works so much better.

- Forced to dump bodies
Also a flaw of the rating-system, but also for Contracts Mode.
In order for a body to count hidden, you are forced to dump it somewhere.
Unlike in Blood Money, where you merely had to move it somewhere where nobody comes along, in order to conceal it from people's eyes.
IMO, do it like in Blood Money. Moving the body somewhere nobody can see it should be enough, instead of being forced to dump it in a container or somewhere else.

- Removal of frisking, smuggling weapons and security cams
Also something that has been removed from previous games in Absolution and that people criticised.
And once again, I AGREE with them. Like Rifle cases and unconcealable rifles, these features too added a lot of strategy to the game.
You had to be much more careful there with your weapons. And either had to come without weapons and smuggle them either by throwing them somewhere you can pick them up later, hiding them in food or crates or whatever.
And I also don't understand why the security cams were removed either.
But yeah, all of this should be brought back.

- No country-variety
Some people also found it too bad that Absolution only took place in Chicago and fictional town of Hope, both in America.
While the previous games featured a lot of countries. France, Japan, Romania, Afghanistan, Russia, Chile, Hong Kong...
Yeah, I also agree with that. And it would definitely have added a lot of variety.
Also something that needs to return in future Hitman-games.

- Only three targets at most
Yep, I agree with this too.
I found it too bad that only at most three targets were there to kill for you, as opposed to the four targets of "A dance with the Devil", the seven targets in "Death on the Missisippi" or the whoppiing 10+ targets in "Redemption at Gontranno" (I don't know the exact number at this point).
This is also an unnecessary restriction in Contracts Mode. IMO, you should be allowed to kill more than three targets, especially for a mode like Contracts Mode.

Now I have the critique of the fans covered. At least the ones I have seen so far.

The only remaining thing is what I think Absolution did bad.
So here we go:

- Fixed inventory for every level. Removal of weapon selection for the main game
Something that I instantly learned to love in Blood Money, is that you could select and upgrade weapons that you take with you in a level.
Weapons are unlocked by picking them up during levels and either storing them in ICA-crates or taking them with you, when you escape.
Upgrades are unlocked as you proceed with the game.
What I did love about this, is that you could replay levels with unlocked weapons and upgrades, like a fully customized WA2000.
This added a lot of replay value to the game and offered a lot more to experiment with.

But Absolution got rid of all of this for the main game and each level had a fixed inventory that was forced upon you.
And you couldn't select weapons like you could in Blood Money. Neither could you use weapons from later levels in earlier ones.
You were strictly bound to the fixed inventory and what the level offered. Which grinds my gears!

Absolution should've brought this back ****! At the same time, it should store EVERY weapon you can find. INCLUDING Stun Guns, Knives and Katana's.
Who here always wanted to slay enemies from every level with a Katana? I WANTED!!!

- Too limited weapon choice for Contracts Mode
Contracts Mode at least offered you a weapon selection. But it too was too limited.
You were only able to choose the ONE primary weapon you start out with and that's it.
And it made no different between rifles or handguns. If you choose Silverballer, then the gun you start out with is Silverballer and nothing else.
So even that is no compensation for the lack of the weapon selection from Blood Money.
At least it had an upgrade-system, pretty much like from Blood Money. But even that was limited, by allowing only at most three upgrades.
God, all those limitations! WHY?!?

- No disguise-selection for the main game
You can only choose the disguise you start out with in Contracts Mode.
In the main game you are stuck with the disguise in the same fashion as the fixed inventory.
Okay for the first time playthrough, it would indeed be cheap to choose disguises from the beginning.
But for plays of levels via level selection, you should have the freedom to choose the attire you start out with.

Also, I HATE the suit that 47 is wearing for the majority of the game. It looks so dirty and unprofessional...

- SIlent Kills/Pacifications only from back
While it makes sense, it is also extremely annoying and impractical.
How many times did you want to Fiber Wire someone, only to end up starting a hand-to-hand fight???
Exactly that is what makes this so frustrating.
Unless the enemy has his back turned to you completely (and the prompt appears), the kill or stun is NOT silent and will alert enemies, unless they are too far away.
This shouldn't be the case.
Even if the enemy doesn't have his back turned on you, as long as he doesn't see you, no one should be alerted.

- Faulty and too automated hand-to-hand combat
Okay, I already pointed out why the hand-to-hand combat is faulty.
But it also is too automated if you ask me. You are merely reduced to press the right buttons and that's it.
Reminds me of those quick-time events from Resident Evil 4+ that I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE! Seriously, THEY SUCK!
Okay, this isn't too bad here. As a fail to press the button in time or not fast enough doesn't result in instant death or major loss of health.
But IMO you should have more control over it.
Games like "True Crime" or "Sleeping Dogs" should be a good base for it.
Okay, it doesn't have to be as in-depth as in those games, but at least the basic controls should be similar to those IMO.

- Spotted even when you are not seen
Something that annoys me too. There are two issues where this applies.
The first if the "Human Shield" technique. If you do grab someone with this technique, you automatically count as "spotted", even if the victim doesn't make visual contact.
This is just stupid.
Okay, you might say here "Well if you grab someone, they know someone is there".
But then why isn't this also the case if you chokehold someone?!? Since this is more or less the exact same thing?
The other issue is "Firing weapons from close range".
If you fire a weapon from close range, then enemies will turn hostile as if they seen you, even if there is no way they could've seen you.
This is even more ridiculous if you use a SILENCED WEAPON! Since even then, if you are too close on enemies as you fire, they will turn hostile, even if they can't see you.
A serious flaw that needs to be fixed.
And no, it makes NO SENSE!!!

- Why do I have to kill the targets?
I must be honest with you, I just don't see a reason to kill many targets in the game.
In Blood Money and before, you have a thorough briefing that tells you EXACTLY why you have to kill your targets.
But in Absolution, most targets left me puzzled. Wondering why I had to kill them.
Examples are the scientists from the Death Factory mission or Lenny's gang.

Many NPCs in the game deserve to die more than many targets in the game!
Like the cops in the prison compound, that torture and kill prisoners out of pure amusement.
And I can never go through this level, without saving the prisoners and killing those sadistic creatures.
I just cannot bring myself to leave them to their fate...
The whole police force of Hope seems to be made of psychopaths, that seriously should be killed for the common good.

But that is nothing compared to the level "Attack of the Saints".
I should've made clear previously already, how I feel about women and how much respect I have for them.
But this level is DISRESPECT AGAINST WOMEN and CLICHE at its finest.

And before you judge me: No, I have NOTHING against female targets in Hitman games.
But like with every target, there should be a good reason why they have to die.
Like Dr. von Kamprad from "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin". I had no problems seeing her die.

But the Saints are just assassins like 47 doing their job, that even could've been his allies under different circumstances. THERE IS NO REASON TO KILL THEM!
And in fact, it was counterproductive for 47 to kill them. Since they presumed him dead. Killing them only made them know that he still is alive and roaming.
If he would just've sneaked out, without letting them know. Then they would've presumed him dead and given up the chase.
But the level itself makes no sense and just interferes with the plot.

Also, since they are assassins like 47, shouldn't they act more stealthy and resorting to ambushes?!?
Instead they act all "brainless run&gun" like, like all the other enemies in the game.

This also pissed me off about "Jade". WHY DID SHE HAVE TO BE KILLED?!?
She was just doing her job and following orders.
And in the end, she was about the break away from Travis, possibly would've even ended up being 47's ally.
So like with the Saints, there was no reason to kill her at all.

And due to the lack of a reason, I cannot help but to see the usual "Men always stronger than women" BULLSHIT here!
But yeah, this is a problem in Absolution.

If there is a target, there needs to be a good reason on why it needs to be assassinated.

And this concludes my comparison of "Hitman: Absolution" with "Hitman: Blood Money" and features from "Hitman 2: SIlent Assassin" and "Hitman: Contracts".
As usual, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION on this! So viewer discretion is advised!
If you happen to have different views on this, this is totally fine.
Thank you!
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Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money" Empty Re: Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money"

Post by .Luke on Sat Apr 20, 2013 7:08 pm

Seems like the usual cycle of iteration with any game, really. Expanding on what worked and removing stuff that either couldn't be balanced out with the new elements, or included in the final product for whatever infinite number of reasons. (I think time restraints and debugging efforts would have stopped them from adding a lot of things back from the older games.) One can always hope more is included into the mix with the next game. Contract mode is relatively new to the series, I'm sure the next time around, things will be much more polished.

The Hitman series has certainly taken longer to refine itself than other games that have a typical trilogy structure, but it's coming along nicely with Absolution; I've seen the game in action while watching my cousin play it. The whole thing is much more fluid and easier to control than its predecessors. I also liked the better focus on story telling, that was much welcomed and showed 47 was still a human being like the rest of us at the end of the day. It was great to see him care.
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Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money" Empty Re: Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money"

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sun Apr 21, 2013 1:24 pm

Well I cannot imagine that there were any constraints that kept them from including it.
I guess they were just trying something different for once.
Well, they indeed did things better with the latest installment.
But many great things from the previous games were left out.
And they could easily have co-existed with the new concepts.
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Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money" Empty Re: Hitman-Comparison: "Absolution" vs "Blood Money"

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