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Post by Agent Gold on Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:39 pm

Risky's Revenge times you when you go through Battle Tower or as far as how quickly you can finish the game. This opens things up nicely to see what the best times you can get for these are!

For Battle Tower, the 3DS version starts you off with 3 minutes on the clock and lets you earn 5 more as you go, so subtract your final time from 8 minutes. The iOS version starts you with 3 also, but it lets you earn 6 more, so subtract your time on that one from 9 minutes. (Here's one time calculator you could use to help with this, since subtracting times is a little trickier than regular subtraction. Note that this one uses hours, minutes, seconds, not minutes, seconds, milliseconds.)

As far as getting a good completion time for Risky's Revenge, remember that the Import Room might speed things up a bit, giving you access to some items earlier than normal. If you use it, make a note of how many gems you got from the Import Room. Also, the clock stops when you pause and during dialogue, so you don't need to feel rushed about those moments.

Screen shots or pictures of your screen are helpful in adding credibility to your claims, but they're not strictly needed. No point in bragging about something you haven't actually done, right?

There might be other challenges in Risky's Revenge or GBC Shantae that would fit here as well (I'm not familiar enough with GBC Shantae to recall if there's a good challenge you can "score" yourself on). If you have a good one, feel free to mention it here!

So, to start us off, here are some of my times!

Battle Tower: 5 minutes 6 seconds
Did this on the iOS version. I think I can do better with all items. This was just a "first run" where I don't have much yet.
Your Records Photozu

Best Completion Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
Just barely enough for the "under 2 hours" ending shot, and that was really tough for me to get!
Your Records Photo1wf

Best Completion Time with All Items: 2 hours 39 minutes
Your Records Photo2tq

I left the top screen out of these shots just in case anyone would call the pictures for the different endings a spoiler.

What sorts of times have others here been able to get?

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