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New Facebook Page Created! Empty New Facebook Page Created!

Post by .Luke on Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:03 pm

Finally got a new annoucement to make, and this one's pretty big! We're finally live on another social channel besides Tumblr for a change. I've got a whole month of scheduled posts ready in between community-exclusive posts and announcements. Any Staff Members who want to help administrate our page are more than welcome to volunteer, if you like.

New Facebook Page Created! Tumblr_n3ayvkyB201sybc63o1_1280

Tumblr can be a little chaotic to keep up with at times, so if you would enjoy seeing the newest fan art posts, and other media, from us on your Facebook wall, we have you covered!

Here’s the link, and do take care to hover over the Like button to click “Get Notifications”. Facebook has a habit of hiding page updates from your wall if you don’t Like its newest posts frequently enough.

*~*~*Shantae Fans Portal now on Facebook!*~*~*
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