Here's the really old official site from Matt Bozon.

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Here's the really old official site from Matt Bozon.

Post by BossFight on Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:25 am

Don't know of any actual fan-made sites, but this one's a fan site made by the man himself, I believe. Should be interesting for all who didn't know about it already.

I'm sure everyone knew about the would-have-been GBA sequel, but seeing this site again makes me hope that they'll someday take that sequel and make it into something. There was supposedly an hour to two hours of game-play already made on that demo. Darn companies not willing to take her.

Also: Under the gallery section, that Bolo comic was pretty great.
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Re: Here's the really old official site from Matt Bozon.

Post by .Luke on Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:13 pm

Wow, I'm surprised that's still up after all that time, but either way, it's a great source of official artwork for reference. :) You guys must be digging pretty deep to find all these old sites! Nice find, BossFight. I also found it interesting that they put Shantae Advance on hold for some RPG I've never heard of. Clearly they had more going on than just Shantae!

I wouldn't be too depressed about the Advance version not happening, as Risky's Revenge is almost practically that in a complete state, from what I understand. What bothers me is that a more accessible Shantae sequel didn't happen on the Advance so many years earlier. D:
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