Any promotion-concept is welcome! - Don't be afraid to post!

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Any promotion-concept is welcome! - Don't be afraid to post!

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:32 pm

I decided to post this as sticky here. To encourage people to post their ideas and do something!

I am pretty sure that there are some people out there, who have some promotional ideas.
But are too afraid to openly state them.

So if you do have an idea or concept or something else to support Shantae...
DON'T FRET AND POST IT! We won't bite! Smile

Of course, it might need to be discussed further.
"How can it help?", "Chances to make it reality?", "Requirements?", etc. etc.
But even if your concept might end up getting scrapped, WE APPRECIATE THAT YOU SHARE THE IDEA WITH US.
Since it shows that you are determined to help out. And that is already worth a lot in our eyes!
Just figured I should point it out.

So feel free to post any idea/concept/whatever here, that can be promotional for Shantae.

And I can only refer to something again that I uploaded some time ago on deviantART.
So for completion's sake, I might as well give you the link. Playful Wink
(I know most of you have already seen this. But for the ones who didn't, it might help out.)

Don't be afraid! And don't give up the fight! Extra Smile
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