Banning System Restructured!

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Banning System Restructured! Empty Banning System Restructured!

Post by .Luke on Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:22 am

I've created a new banning system just encase we need it in the future. Anyone who royally screwed up, but doesn't deserve to be permanently banned, will just get the "On Latrine Duty" rank for a week or so, (Could be longer, depending on the offense.) and only allowed to post in the "Men's Room" section of the Wall of Shame. This way temp-banned users can plead their case with the staff directly, if there was ever a mistake in our judgement.

Also, normal users can't view the new "Men's Room" section, otherwise it might tempt latrine users to have discussions in there, and negate the whole point of their ban. If anyone under the banned rank is caught talking about anything other than their case, it could wind up resulting in a permenant ban, so there's little room to try anything stupid!

And yes, the latrine user color is brown, *snickers* it was a completely deliberate choice on my part!
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