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Basic Guidelines for New Moderators

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Basic Guidelines for New Moderators Empty Basic Guidelines for New Moderators

Post by .Luke on Thu Sep 13, 2012 10:19 pm

Seeing as we're getting more people on the staff, I felt like compiling a quick list of do's/don'ts for greenhorn staffers! This guide is specifically for new moderators.

1 . I need to assign the Latrine Duty rank to a offending member, how do I do that?

That's currently a privilege reserved for the Administrators, since they're group moderators and can say who does or doesn't get "upgraded" to that rank. Latrine Duty is for light offenders who need to learn some manners, and it's up to us Admins to decide what is considered offensive enough to deserve such a treatment. Simple insults and such don't fit the bill. Although being consistently rude will make hitting that button quite tempting!

2 . Does that mean I can't ban anybody?

No, the above doesn't mean that you can't ban somebody! It allows you to focus on more important things, like actual bans. You have that privilege for many reasons, so if you see any spam bots posting porn, or human members doing the same, by all means, ban the offender on the spot, and move the offending thread to the Trash Bin for later reference. (With all links to said content deleted of course.)

3 . I'm unsure of how to handle a specific situation, what should I do?

There's always the hidden Staff Council Room, visible only to members of the staff. In that forum you can discuss the matter with more seasoned members, and gain from their experience or advice in handling the matter. We won't hold your hand every time you're unsure about something, (Because somebody else could have already dealt with it!) but there are sticky situations that no rule book could ever cover, and sometimes we all might have to put our heads together to decide on something.

4 . What constitutes a ban?

It's difficult to create a set of guidelines for appropriate banning, since not all situations are black and white, but what I can say is to be careful when deciding on a permanent ban. Anyone scurvy enough to break a few rules is asking to get themselves silenced for a time, yes. That doesn't mean we're going to walk them off the plank either.

For instance, if the new guy or gal posted a link to their favorite MP3 or ROM without much forethought, remove the link and ask him or her to review the rules. If somebody links bestiality, however, then we have a real situation on our hands!

5 . Real life obligations currently prevent me from having the time to actively participate in the staff, can I request a resignation?

We won't be offended if life is calling you to pursue bigger and better things, so yes, you can ask us to demote you in the Staff Council Room. Although if you won't be away for very long, we'll just leave the rank attached to you anyway. Any legitimate reason will do, though, we all know things life can be demanding at times, and won't think anything of it if you no longer have the time to moderate these boards with us.
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