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"Godwin's Law" is a joke!

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"Godwin's Law" is a joke! Empty "Godwin's Law" is a joke!

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:16 pm

Now it's about time I'd give my two cents about a topic that has ticked me off time and time again.

"Godwin's Law".
Something I just cannot take seriously and will never take seriously.
And yet I fail to comprehend how people can take it seriously.

Basicly, it tells you that if you use the word "Nazi" or anything related to that in a debate, you automatically lost it.
Sorry, but what kind of bullsh*t is this?!?

In a debate you normally win by having good arguments and backing them up properly.
But if I do with a "Nazi" word, I automatically lost it? Even though I could back it up properly?

And yet, I still fail to comprehend how most people can take something like this seriously.
Well, I do have my suspicions...

Did you notice that the mere mention of the word "Nazi" or similar words already pisses people off?
They won't even check in which context it is used anymore.
You only need to say "Nazi" or "Hitler" or "Autobahn" and people will gang up and revolt against it.
I mean, in what kind of world are we living in?!?

And it's strange that the people will get pissed at the mere mention of "Nazi" or anything related to them or "Nazi-Germany" back then, when Hitler was still in charge.
While humanity did commit even greater atrocities over the course of history.

Let's take the Dark Age as an example, where people have been openly executed for the most trivial reasons and for the entertainment of the masses.
Does anyone get pissed if you refer to that?

Or the "Which Hunts". Where people ganged up and made up bogus-stories, just for the lust of killing innocent people and satisfy their endless sadism.
Does anyone revolt against this? No.

Or let's go further back in history to the "Ancient Rome".
Where people and animals have been sent into the coliseum to slaughter each other, just for the amusement of the masses.
Who gets pissed over this? No one, right?

Only the "Nazi's" and "Hitler" and anything related to them cause that much of an uproar.
Which I find strange and stupid.

It's obvious that people try to illegalize the use of those words.
And I can only think of two reasons:
Reason 1: The history of Nazi-Germany and anything related to it, including the leftovers, is a thorn in people's sides!
So basicly we're talking about purists here, who apparently want to erase that part of history. Which is ridiculous!
This will be basicly directed at germans:
Sorry, guys. But "Hitler and Nazi-Germany" are dark parts of our history.
No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to erase that part of history.
And it's stupid to pretend it never happened.
This is a dark part of Germany's history, which will continue to haunt us. Probably until the end of our time.
Be happy that we ended up to be the democratic state that we are today.
So if you put it like that, we could consider that an achievement.
That we managed to evolve from an inhumane dictatorship to a mostly resident-friendly, democratic state.

Reason 2: People consider "Nazi's" to be the ultimate evil, that is beyond any comparison and is forbidden to mention!
Which is equally ridiculous. "Hitler and his Nazi-Followers" were one evil organization among others.
They come and go! (Or they stay and haunt us forever)
What was him and his nazi's back then is Prince Bastard and his followers in Syria today.

Either way, it's ridiculous and also unfairly limiting the freedom of speech, by trying to illegalize the use of those words.
And "Godwin's Law" is equally ridiculous. Providing it is even meant to be taken seriously in the first place.
The reason why it fails should be perfectly clear by now.

It's like some reasonable people say: "There are good Nazi-comparisons and there are bad ones."
Which is something I can only agree with.

And I think it's legit to continue to use "Nazi" and related words and use them in comparisons.
It's just a matter of how well the argument is backed up.

And sole mention of a certain word should and will never result in an automatic loss of a debate.
It's ludicrous!

Which is why I say, people who take this "law" seriously are either purists or outright morons.
Sorry, but I just cannot take such people seriously. I just can't.

I understand it's a rather sensible subject for many people.
But come on, life is not all guns and roses.
So deal with it! Seriously... <-<

This is what I had to say about this.
What is your reply?
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"Godwin's Law" is a joke! Empty Re: "Godwin's Law" is a joke!

Post by .Luke on Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:18 pm

I thought Godwin's Law was just a way to point out how quickly Nazi/Hitler comparisons are brought up in debates, not whether or not the credibility of your argument is tarnished by them. o_o

Although it's true that Hitler isn't the darkest personification of evil to ever befall the human race. I'm sure either Stalin or Saddam Hussein's brutality would probably triple Hitler's easily, and yes, the Dark Ages or beyond is much worse. Japanese forces were equally vicious in the second world war and yet they pulled a complete 180 just as well as Germany afterwards, but nobody freaks out when the first nuclear bombing of Hiroshima is mentioned.

I actually had no clue some circles were still hush/hush about Germany's darker chapters. It is a lopsided way of thinking to deafen the mention of one form of evil and not its other incarnations, so I can understand why you felt the need to vent this nonsense. It's true that history can never be erased, and no part of it should ever be forgotten, or else we're doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past; it's all too important that we are well versed in our roots. Trying to sweep that under the rug like it's still a sore subject in the public eye is no different from shredding books that write about the period. Suppression of the truth is one thing I would never tolerate if I knew somebody was trying to withhold it from future generations.

The many infamous individuals of the human race have done some pretty evil things over the course of history, but Hitler was by no means the first to take a crack at world domination by brute force. I fully agree with you on this one.
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"Godwin's Law" is a joke! Empty Re: "Godwin's Law" is a joke!

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:27 pm

Well like I said, it's just a suspicion that I have.
I don't say it's actually the case. Cuz I cannot know for sure.

But I think it is noteworthy after all how quickly people revolt against the mere use of "Nazi" or anything related to it, while you can freely refer to other, even worse atrocities the humans committed without pissing off people.
It's ridiculous, like I said.
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"Godwin's Law" is a joke! Empty Re: "Godwin's Law" is a joke!

Post by BossFight on Sat Sep 22, 2012 3:27 pm

I must be from a different type of place then, cause I hear Nazi and Hitler jokes left and right.
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Hailing from Water Town

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"Godwin's Law" is a joke! Empty Re: "Godwin's Law" is a joke!

Post by Axol The Axolotl on Mon May 13, 2013 5:19 pm

Does this count as godwins's law?

"You know who else hates smoking? Hitler."
Axol The Axolotl
Axol The Axolotl
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"Godwin's Law" is a joke! Empty Re: "Godwin's Law" is a joke!

Post by Deadly Lampshade on Sun Sep 08, 2013 1:16 pm

Do you know who else talks about hitler? Hitler.

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"Godwin's Law" is a joke! Empty Re: "Godwin's Law" is a joke!

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