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Humble Beginnings - AMIGA GAMES!!!

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Humble Beginnings - AMIGA GAMES!!! Empty Humble Beginnings - AMIGA GAMES!!!

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Fri Jun 01, 2012 8:39 pm

Hi there, everyone.
I think I make the beginning with the Video Game forum, by showing you games from my early childhood, long before I became a console lover.
The first video games I ever played were on the AMIGA. A very old Computer system that ran on good ol' Floppy Disks.

And yet it had to many great games. I actually miss them and wish they'd be remade at some point.
Since they were so great...

Here are videos from the Amiga games I used to play.
Hope you enjoy the trip through Amiga-times.

Okay, it's a generic Pong-like game, where you have to destroy the blocks above with a ball and use your bar to deflect it back and save it from falling out of the screen.
And yet still, this game was so unique for its time.
Not to mention the concept of a final boss...

Battle Chess
Normal Chess games are pretty boring to me.
But this one is seriously fun, thanks to the animated figures and the battle animations.
Many of them are pretty hilarious. Giving this game some great humor. Always good for a laugh or two.

Pinball Dreams
I was a Pinball-Fan back then. So this game caught my eye. But this one is one of the best in my opinion.
Thanks to four different Pinball-desks machine, each with a unique theme. The best thing about this game is the MUSIC.
I can still hardly believe they were actually able to make sounds like these in the early 90s.

Ah, Lemmings. One of the most popular Puzzle-Games back then. And I still love it.
Navigating your Lemmings through perilous environments and traps and leading them to the goal.
It also has A LOT OF levels. So you will be busy for some time.

Probably the cutest platformer ever! I loved to play this game.
I used to fail at it though. But I still played it a lot.

Alien Breed
A shooter game with a few horror-elements. While the story isn't really original, it's still great.
Also this game has the "Best Ending ever". Seriously... :lol!:

Ports of Call
A unique strategy game, which I loved to play.
Why aren't there games like these anymore. Sad

Silk Worm
Arcade-style military vehicle shooter. It was really tough and yet a lot of fun.

Paradroid 90
One of the more unique shooter games, in which you have to take over enemy drones and use their weapons to clear out the ships from enemy-drones.
I loved this concept and the game alike.

Super Cars
An unusual style of racing game for these days. But common back then.
I liked it a lot. Extra Smile

Battle Squadron
Seriously, this is one of my favourites. A sci-fi shooter with awesome gameplay.
I just LOVED this game. Though I always used the CHEAT of this game. But still, I had fun...

One of the very first 3D-games and definitely the best at the time.
It just looked so beautiful, with the amazingly designed levels, the water-physics...
Beautiful graphics for its time.
Too bad that it was unplayable due the HORRIBLE controls. So I stuck to Demo Mode and watch the AI do its thing.
Still, I enjoyed it.

Carrier Command
Another one of the early 3D-attempts. A great mix between shooter and strategy.
Very unique...

A great Mini-Golf game. The designs for the levels sure got me hooked.
Though I had different courses, since the game was split into multiple disks and I used one of the others.
But it appears that only this one is present these days and the other ones are lost. Too bad. Sad

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
Ah, Speedball. A futuristic sports game that is pretty much like Handball combined with brawling.
In this game, you fight for the ball by attacking the other players and then use it to gain points.
There are actually several ways to gain them, other than goals.

Test Drive 2: The Duel
A first-person racing simulation. It rocks!

Lotus 2: Turbo Challenge
The first video game I ever played. And it will always have a special place in my heart. :'D
An arcade-style racing game with unique level design. It's just beautiful. Another one of my favourites.

P.P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon
Probably one of the best "Puzzle-Platformers", perfectly combined platforming with puzzle-elements.
This game actually gets really tough and has HUNDREDS of levels. Keeping you busy for quite some time.
The only letdown is that is had NO ENDING! You only get a generic "Congratz. You beat the game!" and that's it. Which is lame.
But still it's awesome. Another one of my favs.
(NOTE: This was obvious done by germans. You can tell by their names and the typos. Razz)

Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge
The third and last installment of the Lotus-Trilogy. While not as great as the one before, it still was a good game that I liked to play.
Though some levels are unfair, ESPECIALLY THE ROADWORKDS! UGH!

Thanks to cubex and his Longplay-channel on YouTube. Razz
Enjoy the nostalgia. Smile
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