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Your VG-char love interests?

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Your VG-char love interests? Empty Your VG-char love interests?

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:21 pm

Today I want to talk about a phenomenon that I have seen plenty of times already.
Having a crush on Video Game characters!!!

I am sure most of us, who have grown up with video games, have felt some sort of affection towards certain characters before.
Some to a lesser extend and some to a higher one.
And personally I can relate to this as well.
While I can seperate reality from fiction really well, I have to admit that certain video game characters got me smitten one way or another.

To encourage others, I might as well tell you about the characters I really like and got me to feel affection towards them, more or less.

Friend type
Characters that would be more very Close Friends, rather than love interests.

- Carol Tea
The wildcat-character from "Freedom Planet". The game isn't even out yet and yet I already have my eyes on a character.
I do love fighter-types, that fight barehanded. And Carol definitely looks cool, just like a true fighter.
But at the same time, she is cute as well. And she also seems to have a friendly and idealistic personality.
Tho I will have to wait for the game to come out, to fully get to know her personality.
But judging from what has been revealed so far, I am pretty sure that we would be very good friends. Kitty Face

- Rottytops
Some of you might already know my personal head-canon of her.
In any case, I really think she becomes more and more human than zombie as time progresses.
I am aware that she fools around quite a lot, but I can clearly see a friendly side in her, which she reveals when the time is right.
Paired with a beautiful appearance and being a sporty type, I wouldn't mind being her friend.
And my own objective would be to have her further eyplore the friendly side she has in her.
And yes, I don't think that she really means the "Brain-Eater" business these days. Its just her teasing.

- Tifa Lockhart
First of all, I DO NOT LIKE HER FOR HER B&A's!!! (Unlike many other people. **** worthless leechers... >>)
With that out of the way, let's get to the explanation.
She is a barehanded fighter-type that I always love. But at the same time she is of very gentle and helpful nature.
So yeah, a friend I would love to have.
And personally, I would also try to have her fully realize her own strength and thus I would try to make her become more independant.
Something I clearly missed in FFVII!

- Athena Cykes
The newest addition to the main character cast of "Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney" surely has a lot of charme.
She surely has a quirky and hyperactive personality, but friendly and caring to the ones close to her.
At the same time, she seems to be somewhat of a sporty type.
Given her martial arts skills and the fact, that she wants to show off various sporty feats at any given opportunity.
And frankly I would like to see that. Is she all talk or can she really do her own words justice?
And besides, having a psychologist as a friend has its benefits as well. Kitty Face

Love Interests
Yes, I have TWO! I just can't pick a fav... x.x

- Shantae
She made me feel the biggest amount of affection to a fictional character that I ever felt. That alone should tell a lot.
When I first saw her, I got such a huge fangasm. It really did feel like I met the love of my life.
What do I love about her? Well, it's not her beauty alone!
She has a lovable personality to me.
Young and naive, but very friendly and caring. Yet showing no mercy to evil, due to her great sense of justice.
Just to cover the main points of why I love her personality.
And the other thing I have for her, is the fact that she might look like a generic belly-dancer, but she can actually kick your butt really hard and endure a lot too, as well as pulling off so many feats that you would never expect her to be capable of, when you first look at her.
**** fighter-type in disguise, aka "Don't judge a book by its cover". I love it!
I just love this character that much.

- Tina Branford
(Yes, I call her by her japanese name, because it sounds cute and I like it better. You got a problem with that?!?)

While Shantae did make me feel the most affection towards a fictional character ever, I do not know her for that long yet.
As such, for a lot of years, the main char of FFVI made me feel that way, before Shantae topped her.
Be that as it may, Tina still has a large place in my heart. (Does that sound wrong? X_X)
And once again, it's not her beauty alone that does it for me.
Personality-wise, I can even see myself in her.
Timid, incommunicative and sad for the most time, feeling like the odd one out, that seems to have no place in the world.
Exactly how I felt back in the day.
And I also used to have poor social skills, just like her. (In fact, I am still lacking social skills in some areas...)
So yeah, the fact that she actually is a lot like my past self, made me feel very close to her.
Yes, she does have her magical abilities, sword-skills and her Esper-side.
But her personality alone was reason enough for me to love her that much.
And my personal objective would be to get her over her own doubts and develop better social skills and maybe realize her own potential as well.
(I know it's something she learns by the end of the game. But I don't care...)

And there you have it.

I don't think having feelings for fictional characters is a bad thing, as long as you are not delusional and forget that the character is not real.
And in the end, it shows that the developers did a good job designing that character, if they immerse and affect you that much.
So yeah, I am interested how other's see this topic.
Fire away! Extra Smile
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