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Hi. I am Fahyda

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Hi. I am Fahyda Empty Hi. I am Fahyda

Post by Fahyda on Fri Apr 03, 2015 7:29 pm

Hi. I am Fahyda. I joined this site because I like Shantae and I would like to make a fan game based around Shantae ( don't think that is illegal ).

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Hi. I am Fahyda Empty Re: Hi. I am Fahyda

Post by .Luke on Fri Apr 03, 2015 10:57 pm

Welcome aboard, Fahyda! We're always happy to have new people around, and I hope you have a great time here. These forums aren't always active, but when it is, it's great.

And I've got a Shantae template for fan games you might already be checking out. Awesome Face If you use Game Maker: Studio instead of an older GM, feel free to nag me to finish the Studio port of my little Shantae engine. (It's almost done, I just haven't had any motivation to finish it.)

As for the legality of it, this is the gist of what anybody can tell you: Fan games are a privilege, and not a right. While they do infringe on copyrights, enforcement is left up to the rights holder. Nine times out of ten, studios see cute little fan games as playable love letters to their franchise rather than a blight on their brand; all depends on which series you make a fan game of. This is why there's such a huge, thriving Sonic fan gaming scene.
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