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Deleting Your Account

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Deleting Your Account Empty Deleting Your Account

Post by .Luke Mon May 04, 2015 2:47 am

If you're reading this topic, we're sorry our forums haven't met your needs, or if you feel it better to jump overboard than to stay. We understand and hope you might come around again in the future.

By default, we have account deletion disabled by default, so you don't have to worry about hitting that button accidentally. You can either request a member of the Staff to remove your account, (Reasons are optional, though much appreciated.) or find a link on Forumotion's site to delete any account of yours on a Forumotion forum as you wish.

This little FAQ exists so you will be fully informed as to what will be removed, and what won't. I'm sad to say deleting your account isn't 100% thorough! If you need to weigh whether to wipe your account, or simply abandon it until you need it again, we have some facts for you right here:

What Deleting Your Account Does:

· Deletes your Email, Username, Contact Info, Preferences, Post Count, Rank, Custom User Title, and URL links to your profile.

· Deletes your login and password. Your account is beyond recovery, even by the Staff; it is gone for good.

· Deletes your avatar and signature.

What It doesn't Do:

· Removes your posts. (Your username is replaced with "Guest", and your old avatar is absent. All of your posts are here to stay.)

· Removes your IP from your posts. (Your IP address is still attached to all of your posts, which leaves a very detailed log of the topics you posted in under that IP; this can be traced back to you by the Staff. You can't use this system to dodge an IP ban and start fresh under a new identity.)

· Remove your username from quote or code tags, and other user's posts mentioning your username. (We can't stop other members from referencing or talking about you altogether, either.)

· Remove the good or bad times you've shared with fellow members of these boards. (Anything on the Internet can be deleted; memories and screenshots taken by other members can't.)


This is what you can expect from deleting your account! Again, we're sorry if you feel strongly enough to leave in such a way. You will be missed, no matter what.
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