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How to Handle Being Banned

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How to Handle Being Banned Empty How to Handle Being Banned

Post by .Luke on Mon Jul 02, 2012 5:48 am

What do I do if I'm banned? And why is my user color brown? This isn't funny!

Chances are, you broke too much furniture in one sitting and needed some time away from the party, so we "upgraded you" to the Latrine Duty rank. You have no access to any other board besides the Men's Room, which is where you can clean up your act, (No pun intended.) and make your case with the staff.

So, if you feel it was an improper punishment, or the length of your ban is too long, talk to us about it. We're not like the Ammo Baron! This doesn't mean you can cheat your way out of a justified ban length by complaining about it, however. We're simply providing you with an open channel for you to soften the blow and make amends, if possible.

You're not going to email my folks or ISP about this, are you?

It all depends entirely on the offense, but usually no, neither is really necessary in a web forum full of teens and kids, all of whom are still learning how to interact appropriately in the real world. It would be too cruel for us to go that far over a mistake you'll likely learn from very quickly. You would have to royally screw things up in matters transcending these forums before anyone on the staff considers going that far. (Such as sending death threats to users, or trying to post child pornography; very serious stuff right there.)

What if I'm permanently banned?

I personally hate doing permanent bans. I haven't done so yet, besides the occasional spam bot, and I hope I never have to on these forums. You would have be one of the most stubborn individuals in the world to deserve such a fate here. There's always that chance you could return too, even if you are, so long as you learned from your mistakes that led to the perma-ban.

However, if you did something that blatantly breaches the more important rules, (Impersonating a WayForward employee, death threats, posting rather questionable porn, etc.) you were removed from the community for a reason, which would have been made plenty known to you. If you still don't understand the consequences of your actions, I seriously think you need to do some soul-searching.
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