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New Year's Resoultions

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New Year's Resoultions Empty New Year's Resoultions

Post by Nai255 on Tue Jan 01, 2013 6:31 am

Another year gone already, yet it brings with us another fresh slate to scrawl on.
Do you have any resolutions, goals, vows, quests, or otherwise for 2013?

This year, I resolve:

* To do more with my time outside of video games and computers.
Maybe I'll check out an online programming course so that I can learn to make my own games, eheh

* To not worry so much about "what I think I should be doing", and focus more on "what I enjoy doing"

* To spend more of my days awake for a change . . ;

That's my big three. If I can at least meet one of those, I'll feel a sense of accomplishment this year instead of the dreaded deja vu. But wait, shouldn't I not be seeing this as something I NEED to do as outlined in the second one above?
Oh dear I've created a space paradox Exclamation

I'm actually kinda surprised I managed to stick with last year's resolution of buying 12 or less games in 2012.
A few 3DS titles around Christmas bumped the number up at the last second, but wound up a nice solid 10 titles for the year.

At any rate, here's to another year that hopefully will feel less like a mere number Smile

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New Year's Resoultions Empty Re: New Year's Resoultions

Post by .Luke on Tue Jan 01, 2013 5:17 pm

I don't usually make resolutions, exactly. I like to focus on what to change about myself right now, no matter what year, month, or day it is. We are always in need of self-improvement, and that can't always happen very quickly, even in a year's time for the bigger dreams and goals. Although these are always at the top of my head :

* Study and improve on art; learn as much as I can about the software so that the learning curve is the least of my problems while creating art. (I feel like I've already learned a good deal about GIMP in the past year, and feel quite comfortable with the interface, so that's a nice accomplishment for me.)

* Learn as much as I can about another language (Spanish, then German.) on the Internet before taking serious studies in a class, once I can afford that. That way it won't be as overwhelming to start.

* Better manage my time so that all of my projects, studying, writing, socializing, and reading are done within a reasonable time frame, instead of just the one I happen to be focusing on when the urge hits me.

Nai255 wrote:I'm actually kinda surprised I managed to stick with last year's resolution of buying 12 or less games in 2012.

12 games? Ha, I got you beat there, I haven't bought a game since Pokemon Black last year in 2011! Then again, I was spending most of my money on electronic hardware and tools, as usual, (And the next major purchase on my list of things to buy is a tablet!) so I rarely get to stock up on games as much as I like. XD Heck, I need to spend nearly a good $30 on a replacement screen and battery for my phat DS before I can buy and enjoy Pokemon Black 2 to its fullest. =P
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