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Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:32 pm

I have been meaning to write this for a while now.
Dunno why I couldn't do it earlier. But oh well...

I have been following livestreams of a new friend of mine. A girl coming from Japan.
Who already published some Manga's of her own.
And Luke, also plans to publish something in the future.
Apparently, getting things published is not so hard as I thought it is.

So this got me inspired.
Why not trying to make a comic/manga series about Shantae?

The style would be overall funny and light-hearted. However, at times it would get dark and serious.
While it would still retain some humoristic traits in the darker plot-parts, they still wouldn't be as funny as in their light-hearted times.
Like I said before, I wouldn't want to blow things out of proportion. So I would handle the darker parts with caution.

Of course, some things would be slightly different from the games, since transitioning games 100% into comic/manga is pretty much impossible.
For example: In the comic/manga-version of the first game, there would be several plot-extensions, giving certain characters and items much bigger roles, as well as adding some new characters and sub-plots.
Otherwise it'd be over too fast, if you ask me.

Other than that, there would also be several original plots, that didn't appear in the games.

Unfortunately, I cannot draw good enough just yet.
Plus, I barely have any time either, due to my work.
I shall try doing comics, once I attained the proper skills.
But in the meantime, I am afraid I have to depend on other artists for this.

So yeah, the drawing-job needs to be done, by willing artists.

But another thing I need help in is: FULLY FLEDGING OUT MY STORIES!
Since I already have some basic stories in mind, that need to be fully fledged out however.

Here is the list from a past topic, that I still is what I would go for:

- Shantae, the Half Genie
A re-telling of the original Shantae-Game. With some new sub-plots added.
Sequin Land and Shantae are introduced first. Then Risky attacks Scuttle Town and the plot with the Steam Engine and the four Mystical Stone starts rolling.
On her quest she also meets several other people in need, as well as some troublemakers.
(Most noteworthy thing, other than the added sub-plots and some minor changes in dialogue, is the fact that Shantae actually makes use of the powers of the stones at some points, instead of just carrying them along.)

- Risky's Revenge
Obviously, a re-telling of "Shantae: Risky's Revenge".
Again, with some sub-plots added. A few dialogues and minor story-elements are also changed a little (but without blowing them out of proportion).

- Prelude of Darkness
Paragon's own continuation of the "Risky's Revenge". (The first part of it anyways)
Shantae and her friends go to the Sequin Land Palace, in hopes to find out more about a rumor of a powerful relic.
With a little help of a "Mysterious Girl", Shantae knows where to look for it. And she learns that it can counteract the powers of the lamp, that is still in Risky's possession and might as well even give her her Genie-Powers back.
But Risky also learned what the lamp can do. And now has conceived a new plan to become the ruler of the seven seas.
But both are not yet aware of the dark conciousness...

- Rise of Evil Incarnate
The second part of Paragon's own continuation of Risky's Revenge
After Risky's defeat, the dark entity broke the seal of the lamp and is now free.
The dark entity is the "Evil Genie". Among the Genie's also known as "Evil Incarnate".
Now where the evil genie is free, she instantly used her powers to merge Sequin Land with the Genie Realm and throw both worlds into chaos.
While the lesser population of Sequin Land is under the influence of the Evil Genie's most powerful servants, Shantae friends, Mimic and Risky too are lost and imprisoned somewhere.
Shantae needs to rescue her friends, defeat the Evil Genie's servants and to get to the four sacred shrines of the Genie Realm, to power up her hair in order to match the powers of the Evil Genie.
Can Shantae defeat the powerful evil entity and save Sequin Land?

- Tales of the Element Gem
Paragon's re-telling of his own Game Concept "Shantae: The Element Gem".
Shantae, Sky and Bolo accompany Mimic on one of his digs. They find a treasure chest with a chart inside, that leads to "the forbidden door".
But they are attacked by Risky's Tinkerbats and Risky steals the chart during the confusion. Shantae, as well as Sky and Bolo (much to Shantae's dismay) chase Risky inside the woods where the door is hidden.
Risky ends up opening it and goes inside. Shantae and her friends follow her. But they are sucked into the blackness.
Shantae then finds herself in an unfamiliar land. Eventually, she meets the old man "Copie" and learns that she is in a parallel world.
She also learns of the "Element Gem". A powerful relic that grants the wielder completely mastery over the four elements. Fire, Water, Earth and Wind.
Risky stole Copie's map, which gives a hint on how to find it. And of course, she wants it for herself.
Determined to stop Risky and find her lost friends, Shantae embarks on a new journey.
But the mysterious, demonic and evil Half-Genie, called "Yuriko", also seeks to obtain it. Can Shantae stop both and thwart the plans of evil?

- Power of Del-Mos
Original storyline.
Mimic finds a strange object, washed up on the beach.
As he examines it, a transport-cannonball comes crashing through his roof. Risky shows up and steals the object.
Shantae catches her in actions and chases her back to her boat. But then she is surprised by a strange man and sent flying off Risky's ship, allowing Risky to get away.
Mimic tells her about the object that she stole. He doesn't know much about it, but it seems to be a fragment of a mystical object, which is part of something big and it comes from a land adjacent to Sequin Land.
Knowing that nothing good can come out of it, if Risky so eager to get it, she follows Risky to the unfamiliar land.
Eventually she also learns of the Del-Mos group, that apparently teamed up with Risky. And the man that attacked her before is one of them.
Can Shantae resolve the mysteries about that object and stop the villains?

- Terror of the Sorceress
Original storyline.
Shantae travels with a ship, that carries valuable payload. And as requested by the mayor, she acts as guardian of that payload.
She completes that task. But on the way back to Scuttle Town, the ship is surprised by a massive whirlpool and Shantae was blown off the ship.
As she opened her eyes, she finds herself in a land completely unknown to her. And she was all alone. Not knowing what happened to the ship and its crew.
With nothing else she can do, she decides to explore the unknown land and meet some people who could help her.
But eventually she finds out that the land is terrorized by a powerful sorceress and of course, she wants to help out.
(This storyline is quite unique, since it doesn't have Risky in it AT ALL! Shantae's friends are also absent in this volume/season, only present in its ending.)

- The Fallen Shooting Star
Original Storyline.
Shantae and her friends sit on her lighthouse and watched the stars, when they spot a strange shooting star, that seems to fall down to Earth.
And indeed it crashes into the nearby woods. They investigate and find a large unknown... thing. But they don't know what to do with it and decide to tell Mimic at the next day.
But before he can take a look at it, strange creatures visit Scuttle Town. Which are actually ALIENS!
(Hey. We have Zombie's already. So why not?)
They introduce themselves as "Tribe from the Skies" and explain that their airship has been damaged.
Now they need to find the materials to fix it and are in need of someone who is familiar with the land.
Shantae and her friends promise to help.
But the task is not so simple. The estranged twin brother of the tribe-leader has teamed up with Risky. Who both are now on Shantae.
Can Shantae stop Risky and the evil brother and help out the friendly aliens?

Of course...
So if you think this isn't the way to go, or if you have things to contribute yourself...

Of course, it is still not sure if we'd publish it on the market or online for free.
It all depends on whether or not WayForward is fine with the idea of making is a published comic book.
But we'd go ahead of outselves, if we were to think that far at this point.

We still need to check, whether or not we can find people willing to help out.
And whether or not financial support is needed.

As for the latter, I am sadly not an candidate for it. As I can neither pay, donate or get money online.
So yeah, once again something I need to depend on other people on.

So sorry, for being a hopeless idiot. Sad
But I will try to contribute as much as possible to this project, if you are willing to help out.

I would love to see a Shantae Comic/Manga series.
What about you?
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Post by Nai255 on Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:54 pm

It's certainly a nice idea.
I don't consider myself a professional artist either, but that shouldn't stop you from possibly putting together some storyboard concepts to share with others to go with the ideas you've written down in text form. A picture can be worth hundreds of words no matter how you slice it

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Shantae Comic/Manga Project? Brainstorming Topic Empty Re: Shantae Comic/Manga Project? Brainstorming Topic

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:07 pm

Yeah. I might get around to do some storyboards later.

Thanks a lot. Kitty Face
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Post by Axol The Axolotl on Fri May 24, 2013 1:01 am

Love the idea of a fan-comic series. Can you show us a bit of material?
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