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General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules Empty General Forum Rules

Post by .Luke on Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:07 pm

These are general rules that apply to all subforums on the Shantae Fans Portal. They cover some basics in our detailed rulebook that go without saying, but if you're not sure if posting in old topics are okay or not, for instance, we'll go through those here so you will be a more confident poster while on our forums.

*-*-*Reviving old topics is okay.*-*-*
So long as you have something relavent or clever to add to the discussion, (It doesn't even have to be detailed.) and it's not spam, you're fine. We like to run a tight ship around here, but we're a lot more relaxed than other communities you may have visited before. We don't blast people with fire over trivial things. The topics we really, really don't want people bumping get locked, so you normal users don't have much to worry about.

Needlessly bumping topics minutes after posting, i.e double-posting, on the other hand is frowned upon, so take care to note the distinction between trying to draw more attention to your thread, and adding your two cents to a topic.

*-*-*You have a right to your own opinion, and an obligation to respect the opinions of others.*-*-*
We won't chastise you simply for expressing your opinion, even if it's different from the general consensus on the subject, but outright trashing the viewpoints of other users is disrespectful. You can contest other people's opinions constructively in a civilized manner, or not at all.

*-*-*Please don't back-seat moderate, it's annoying.*-*-*
Take all urges to do that here, not here. We the staff are fully capable of adminstrating these boards, and while we're open to criticism in how we handle things, we don't need your squawks and shrieks for justice that's already on its way pointlessly spamming topics. Nobody likes a Captain Obvious.


Well, that's three basic rules you'd want to keep in mind, and don't forget to have fun, most of all. Playful Wink And if you haven't already, it would be a good idea to review our All Important Rules before posting. The headlines in bold for each rule is all most of you need to know, but each have detailed descriptions encase you have any lingering questions, or need to know why we put certain rules in place.
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