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Guestbook Rules

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Guestbook Rules Empty Guestbook Rules

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sat Jul 06, 2013 7:53 pm

Special Rules for the Guestbook
1. No crossover-posting
With that we mean "In reply to post X from topic Y".
If you want to reply to those posts, do it in the proper topic and section.
Of course, this requires guests to register.

2. Only feedback, quick thoughts about the site, quick Shantae-related messages (as long as they aren't spam) and chatting with members.
I am aware that this might be very limited.
But if we were to allow complete posting freedom in this guestbook, there would be no need to register anymore.
This guest section is only there for guests to quickly post their thoughts, get in touch with members and get a feel for the forums, before the might register.
We hope you understand!

3. Keep the Guestbook in order!
Make sure the guestbook doesn't get too cluttered with the messages.

The general forum rules still apply in this guest section!
So be sure to read them.

And last but not least:
Topic Creation and Polls are completely disabled!
So you can only post in the existing Guestbook topic.

Have fun! Kitty Face
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