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Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters

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Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters Empty Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:47 pm

So then, since there are so many fighting games out there, I figured it'd be fun to create a moveset for Shantae characters.
Personally, I'd love to see them in a fighting game. So why not?

You can create a moveset for any fighting game you want.
Just be sure to mention which game you'd have the basic control scheme from.
Would make it easier to follow. Wink

So here I start out with one of mine.
I use the control scheme of the recent Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - All-Star Battle.

For those who do not know how it plays, click on the spoiler:
"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle" basicly uses the Street Fighter-esque gameplay from Capcom's "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Heritage of the Future" mixed with fully 3D environments a la "Dragonball Z Budokai".
The gameplay plays like Street Fighter, but uses sidestepping and such in a fully 3D environment.

It uses the dumbed down 4-button control scheme.
The three basic attack buttons for "Light", "Medium" and "Strong" Attacks.
The fourth button is called "Style" button. Where characters use unique techniques for their own style.
(Stand-users summon or dismiss their stands, while Ripple-users use the breathing technique and so forth)

Style: Genie-Magic

Basic Attacks
L: Light Punch
M: Knee Strike
H:  Kick

D + L: Low Kick
D + M: Stretch Kick
D + H: Hair Sweep

Air L: Aerial Knee
Air M: Kick Upper
Air H: Strong air-kick

Signature Attacks
F + H: Hair Whip
DF + H: Crouching Hair Whip
F + H in air: Aerial Hair Whip
DF + H in air: Hair Slam

Forward-Throw: Grabs the opponent with her hair and kicks him away.
Backward-Throw: Drags the opponent behind herself with her hair and then kicks him away.

Special Attacks
D, DF, F + Atk: Fireballs
D, DF, F + Atk (charged): Flash Bolts
D, DB, B + Atk: Cuff Elbow (chargable)
H during Elbow Charge: Tiara Twirl
F, D, DF + Atk: Spinning Boot Kick
Atk during Spinning Boot Kick: Sash Drill (directions depend on pressed button)

S: Magic Charge
Charges your Super-Meter

S+L: Monkey Transformation (costs 1 Super Meter)
Transforms you into a monkey for a limited time.

S+M: Elephant Transformation (costs 1 Super Meter)
Transforms you into an elephant for a limited time.

S+H: Harpy Transformation (costs 1 Super Meter)
Transforms you into a harpy for a limited time.

About Monkey:
As monkey, Shantae can cling on walls and perform wall jumps. She is also a lot faster and nimble when in monkey form.
She can jump farther and higher too, but they are less controlable.
Can also perform various attacks such her claw-attack, headbutt-charge and various others.
Drawback is that most of her attacks are rather weak and she takes more damage than usual.

About Elephant:
Slow, but powerful. Can knock around the opponent with relative ease.
Also reduces the damage that Shantae takes.
But for that, it is slow and heavy and the jump-capabilities are pretty much non-existant.
So it's not effective against aerial oppnents.

About Harpy:
Shantae gains the ability of flight in this form. She can fly around freely and attack from any angle.
Uses talons, body blows and Sonic-blasts as attacks.
Stats are almost identical to her regular form. Tho controlling her can be a little tricky.

Super Attacks:
(I create multiple ones here. You would be able to choose which ones to use.)
- Flamethrower
Uses her Flamethrower-attack from Risky's Revenge

- Storm Puff
Shantae is accompanied by a Storm Puff for a limited time.
By pressing a certain button, she can order it to attack with lightning bolts.

- Pike Balls
Uses a Pike Ball that splits itself in two and spins around Shantae for a limited time.
Damages enemies that come near.

- Evade
A counterattack, in which she takes a defensive-pose.
If struck by a melee-attack during that time, she evades and counterattacks with a few kicks.

- Animal Show (GHA)
Dances all three transformation-dances and first transforms into a monkey and leaps at the opponent.
IF successful, she grabs his face and scratches it with her claws.
Then she transforms into a Harpy, lifts the opponent into the air, dives back down and sends him flying into the ground.
Lastly, she transforms into an elephant in mid-air and fiercely lands on top of the floored opponent.

- Hair and Gear (GHA)
Uses her hair to grab the opponent. If successful, Shantae will proceed with a beatdown, also incorporating her fighter's gear.
And the last hit knocks the opponent away, into the wall.

Adjusts her bra and hair holder, before getting ready to fight.

Round Win Animations.
Victory pose from Risky's Revenge.

Based on her signature pose from Half-Genie Hero.

Victory pose
Her signature pose from the original Shantae.

No 1:
Pose with crossed arms. Based an her angered mugshot from Risky's Revenge.

No 2:
Back turned on the opponent, with hands on her hips. Face turned to opponent.
A more cocky-type of taunt. Based on artwork from the original Shantae.

So much for my moveset.
If you have more ideas, feel free to post. Kitty Face

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Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters Empty Re: Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters

Post by Nai255 on Fri Sep 13, 2013 3:46 pm

I actually found a mockup Smash Bros. moveset I did for Shantae a while back (jeez, just how much of a fanboi am I?), which I was thinking of posting at first, but figured I may as well now Playful Wink 

*Super Smash Shantae*

Style: Expertise with kicking and hair whip attacks. Somewhat of a hybrid character when it comes to special moves. Can crawl.
Build: Balanced Power, Speed and Weight. Similar to Mario, but a little lighter and faster. About as tall as Peach.

-Move List-

A: Horizontal Chop Combo
Forward+A: Straight Kick
Smash-Forward+A: Hair Lash
Down+A: Low Kick
Smash-Down+A: Hair Sweep
Up+A: High Kick
Smash-Up+A: Hair Spike
Dash+A: Drop Kick

Air A: Jump Kick
Air Forward+A: Hair Flick
Air Backward+A: Rump Smash
Air Down+A: Downward Kick
Air Up+A: Ponytail Twirl

Grab: Hair Lash Grab (can be used as a Tether Recovery)
Grab+A: Kick (with opponent held in hair)
Forward Throw: Front Hair Toss
Backward Throw: Reverse Hair Fling
Down Throw: Ground Hair Slam
Up Throw: Hair Flip Toss

Ground Recovery Attack: Roundhouse Sweep
Edge Recovery Attack: Forward Flip with Dual Kick

B: Elbow Dash
A frontal dash attack similar to Skull Bash, Green Missle, etc. Can be charged to increase it's distance/damage.

Forward+B: Storm Puff
Similar to Din's Fire, a little storm cloud travels outward until B is released, causing the cloud to emit a thunderbolt.

Down+B: Dreamy Dance
Similar to Jigglypuff's singing, Shantae does a quick, cute dance that infatuates nearby opponents, briefly stunning them.

Up+B: Djinn Jump
Shantae does a spin jump straight into the air, then does a spinning diagonal drill dive feet first if B is pressed again.

Final Smash: Harpy Hurricane
Shantae turns into a Harpy and stirs up a massive tempest. Anyone caught in it is rapidly sliced by it's razor-sharp winds, then sent high into the air.

Side Taunt: Monkey Dance
Up Taunt: Elephant Dance
Down Taunt: Mermaid Dance

Victory Pose 1: Shantae hops up and down waving her hands in the air, akin to her victory animation in the Rottytops race.
Victory Pose 2: Shantae stretches out on her knees, holding her ponytail behind her
Victory Pose 3: Shantae is turned away and wiggles her finger, creating little sparkles from the tip. Then her head turns forward as she winks and blows on her fingertip.

-Color Palettes/Costumes-

1) Default Colors [Red Team]
2) Blue Attire (Top/Pants/Shoes/Shoulders), Cyan Sash [Blue Team]
3) Green Attire, Mint Sash [Green Team]
4) Pink Attire, Rose Sash, Blonde Hair
5) White Skin, Black Hair, Purple Attire, Magenta Sash

Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters Sig

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Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters Empty Re: Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:54 pm

Very nice moveset, Nai. I like the sound of it. Extra Smile

I might post some more JJBA: ASB style movesets later.
Thinking of one for Risky. Kitty Face

Feel free to post more movesets. I like it. Extra Smile
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Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters Empty Re: Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:09 pm

Alright. Continuing with JJBA: ASB movesets.

Risky Boots
Style: Tinkerbats

Basic Attacks
L: Quick Jab
M: Medium Horizontal Slash
H: Strong Vertical Slash

D + L: Low Stab
D + M: Low Vertical Slash
D + H: Sweep Kick

Air L: Step Kick
Air M: Diagonal Sword Slash
Air H: Sword Spin

Signature Attacks
F + H: Dirty Kick
Longer hitstun on enemies.

Air D + M: Helmsplitter
nuff said

Air D + H: Jump Strike
Risky's response to Link's Jump Strike you could say.

Forward-Throw: Grabs the opponent by the upper chest/collar and kicks him or her away.
Backward-Throw: Pulls the opponent making him stagger behind Risky and then kicks him or her in the butt.

Special Attacks
D, DF, F + Atk: Gun Barrel
Takes out her pistol and fires bullets at the opponent.
Mash the button to fire multiple bullets.

D, DB, B + Atk: Sword Slide
Holds the Sword with her foot and performs a slide kick.
Takes from the final battle in the original Shantae.

H during Sword Slide: Sword Slam
From her slide, she transitions into a flip, resuting in the sword getting slammed into the opponent from above.

F, D, DF: Sword Upper
Anti-Air Sword Slash

B, D, DB: Counter Slash
Counterattack! If hit by melee-attacks during this special, she will parry and counter with a powerful slash.

Note: Her styles revolve around using her Tinkerbats.
But as long as a Tinkerbat is in use, you cannot use Style Attacks until the Tinkerbat leaves the screen.

D, DF, F + S: Tinkerbat Charge
Tinkerbat runs toward the opponent and slashes him.

F, D, DF + S: Tinkerbat Leap
Tinkerbat leaps forward. If hit, the Tinkerbat with grab onto the enemy. Sealing attacks and greatly hindering movements.
Opponent can shake the Tinkerbat off by mashing any button. Mashing multiple buttons augments the effect.

D, DB, B + S: Tinkerbat Guard
Tinkerbat jumps in front of Risky and protects her from any incoming attack.
If hit, the Tinkerbat is knocked away and out of the screen.
If the Tinkerbat isn't hit, it will retreat after some time.

S: Dismiss
When a Tinkerbat is on screen, you can manually dismiss it prematurely.

Super Attacks:
(Once again: Multiple supers. You would be able to choose which ones to use.)

- Now I'm angry!
Her running slash attack from the original game, where she runs forward and continuously slashes while doing it.

- I'll dance on your runny innards!
Also taken from the original game. Jumps onto the next wall and performs a series of aerial sword-dashes.
Works similar to Balrog's/Vega's Ultra Combo from SFIV.
She finishes by diving the sword into the opponent in mid-air and then slams him or her into the ground.

- Slicing you to bits!
Takes her sword and throws it and then returns to her hand. Damaging the opponent while it is spinning around.

- Got you, Idiot!
Sheathes her sword and waits for the opponent to strike her. If he does so with melee-attacks, she will counter with a lightning quick sword slash.

- Attack very aggressively!!! (GHA)
Summons several Tinkerbats and sends them against the opponent.
If hit, they will all cling onto the unfortunate opponent and continously attack him.
Risky slowly walks up to him, before she finishes with a downward stab.

- I rule the seas!!! (GHA)
Starts with a dash-attack. If it connects, Risky will proceed with a fierce series of slashes.
After a fancy one-liner she will finally slash through the opponent as a devastating last hit.

- Steam-powered and unstoppable!!! (GHA)
Starts by taking her pistol and firing a shot. If it hits, it will knock the opponent down.
Risky jumps away and off screen only to reappear on her Tinkertub.
Which will then proceed with a cannon-barrage, then with the anchor from its mouth and then finally jumping and fiercely landing on top of the opponent.

Anchor is lowered with Risky and Tinkerbats on it, who will jump off.
Anchor is then lifted and out of screen again.
Based on Risky's introduction in Risky's Revenge

Round Win Animations
Tramples onto the ground, indicating she is stomping onto the opponent, looking down into that direction while smirking.

Lies down and relaxes. Taken from both the original Shantae and Risky's Revenge

Victory Pose
Grabbing onto the Anchor with her Tinkerbats, she is pointing her blade towards the screen.

Her laugh from the original Shantae.

Does some fancy swordplay, then points it towards the opponent.

I guess that's it.
I will add, Victory, Intro and Round Win to Shantae as well while I am at it.
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Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters Empty Re: Create a fighting game moveset for Shantae characters

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