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Retired Staff Rank Created Empty Retired Staff Rank Created

Post by .Luke on Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:44 pm

As forethought to future forum contributors, I have created a Retired Staff rank. This is purely a cosmetic moniker with the same level of forum access as the Contributor, but it serves a purpose.

At the Shantae Fan Portals, we truly appreciate the contributions of everyone making it into the open, friendly little place it is now. When a member of the staff has to decline their position for any reason, (Even if they have time to continue posting on the forums, it does not mean they also have time to administrate it.) we do not leave them colorless as if they were never there. We recognize their investment of time with this rank for everyone to see, aptly colored blue in light of the Shantae SNES pitch mentioned in Half-Genie Hero's kickstarter.

Retired staffers at our forums are celebrated and cherished. Your time here is not forgotten, nor is your parting from the staff a permanent one. You may feel called again, and we will welcome that. This rank is a reminder to everyone who you were, and still are to the community.

Retired Staff is more than a vanity, it is recognition for a job well done, and you are welcome to return to your post whenever you are prepared for it again.
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