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Female Main Chars FTW!

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Female Main Chars FTW! Empty Female Main Chars FTW!

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:13 pm

Not a big topic to talk about, but something of relevance regardless.

I think it is a well-established cliche, that female's are always below male's, who only exist to serve and please the male and help them to create kids.
Otherwise, they have no purpose and they are inferior in every way.

But to tell you the truth: I THINK THIS IS BS!
I have great respect for female's and I do believe that both gender's are equal (with the exception of the obvious bodily differences. Like the absence of a "tail") and that female's can be equally strong as male's.
It's just a matter of "training" at whatever you are doing.

You can come with science and "facts" about female's inferiority all you want, I will NEVER believe in that shite.
I think both gender's are equal. PERIOD!
In fact, I would like to have female's in our world that are superior to generic male's.
And that is coming from a boy's mouth!

But that is like me. I am generally on the side of the "underdogs". So in this case, I am too.

Even in most video games, men are represented as "better than female's in every way". Which I find extremely annoying.
I have nothing against male main characters. GOD, NO!
But when I see so many games with male's, often even including female's just to show their powerlessness, I think this is just not right.

Which why I am always pleased, when I see a female main character.
Even more, if they kick the arrogant rear end's of male's and get them to know their place.
(If you followed my game idea scripts on dA that I have written some time ago, you should know this by now. Since ALL main chars of my original game concepts are female)

Which is why I like game's like "Shantae" (of course there are more reasons than that too).
Or games like "Street Fighter" (tho the plot and some characters started to suck, ever since Alpha/Zero) where male's and female's are considered equal.

But frankly, right now, I think we could need a few more games, where female's show their power and potential to dominate everything, just like male's do it mostly these days.

In fact, I would like to have a small list of games, where female's rightfully show their power.
Games like "Shantae", "Arcana Heart" or "Shaolin - Lord of Fist".

Feel free to post names here and I shall make a list later.
Thanks in advance! Wink
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Female Main Chars FTW! Empty Re: Female Main Chars FTW!

Post by Maetch on Sat Dec 22, 2012 5:53 pm

*Samus Aran (Metroid) - The typical answer, though she's lost a lot of her former credibility in the wake of the train-wreck that was Other M. Sure, she's a tough girl to beat, but I feel that it's hard to relate to her when she's wearing that suit all the time.

*Commander Shepard (Mass Effect series) - Granted, the player can pick Shepard to be male or female (among many other customizable choices), but the character's "get it done no matter what" personality shines through regardless of gender. Plus, the player has some say in whether Shepard turns out to be the ultimate do-gooder or the galaxy's biggest douchebag.

*Bayonetta - Sexed-up to the point of tastelessness? Probably, but you can't deny that this witch will pound you nine ways to Friday without even batting an eyelash if you get on her bad side. She's not without conscience, though, and she's not above teasing the boys over how they can't keep up with her.

Hailing from Water Town
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Female Main Chars FTW! Empty Re: Female Main Chars FTW!

Post by .Luke on Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:49 pm

I know what you mean Paragon. I have a lot of respect for females too, and they're hardly physically inferior to us males. Their brains are 13% more compact and efficient than a male's brain, (Explains why we can't keep up with their conversations sometimes! And wouldn't you know it, there are more successful business women these days than men.) and their muscular structure isn't much different from us guys; the fat is just stored in different areas to fill in gaps for a more beautifully flowing figure. (Notice the U-shaped dents in male kiesters! When we get chunky, it goes straight to our guts, but in a woman, it gives her a more attractive hourglass figure. =P)

All in all, both genders have their advantages, but trying to do comparison to see who's superior isn't really fair. Besides, brawns don't even matter if your opponent is smarter than you by a long shot, so it's always satisfying to watch a female kick a musclebound male into next Tuesday. That's what makes us humans distinctly different from animals. In the wild we would have no claws to defend ourselves, no teeth sharp enough to tear flesh, or fur to keep ourselves warm. We can adapt the environment to ourselves, instead of dieing in an environment we can't otherwise survive in. It's not really about the survival of the fittest, but the smartest, in my books. =P Brains matter, not muscle, but it does help. You gotta have a powerful mind to go with a powerful body, (Batman, anybody?) otherwise you're a hulking mass of idiot charging through brick walls for a turkey leg.

Enough off-topic stuff for me, though. XD These are the video game females I respect the most.

Chun Li, Street Fighter Series

A realistic, relatable woman with a beautiful heart, and a beautiful, strong body to boot. I admire everything about her, from her not-so-sexualized dress sense, (I adore Chun Li's dress. >w<) to her detective work. You want to watch Chun Li succeed in everything she does; really amazing personality and a strong will. Heck, her Chinese name roughly translates to "Beautiful Spring", and I think that's very fitting for a woman like her. Color me a huge fan of Chun Li, because I am. <3 She's easily the one character that sold me on the Street Fighter games, and as crazy as it sounds, I play as her the most, but I don't feel as in-tune with anyone else. XD


Probably the single-most realistic and authentically female character I've ever seen a video game so far. Although Shantae is a little skimpy on clothes on her upperbody, it's shockingly not sexualized with her poses; it's actually used to make her even cuter, and that's pretty rare to see. She's tough as nails, but still very sweet, has a real heart for other people and all around adorable as a person. How can you look at her and not want to give her a big hug? You will want her to succeed and triumph over her enemies. When she's excited, I'm excited, and when she's down, I want to help her back up. Shantae's got a personality you won't see easily matched.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider series

The camera always seem to focus on her body a bit much, (Especially in tight spaces.) but she's not always about guns and shooting dinosaurs, so I appreciate the amount of emotions she goes through in the games. She's not a souless treasure hunter blasting away bears with shotguns for the sport of it; the cutscenes thankfully sometimes put her heart on display too.
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Female Main Chars FTW! Empty Re: Female Main Chars FTW!

Post by BossFight on Tue Dec 25, 2012 1:32 am

Terra and Celes - Final Fantasy VI: FF6 has been known for not having a "true" main character, but seeing as they are both the first character to appear in their respective halves of the story, I consider them the highest candidates for main character. They are both strong but kind and, to me at least, iconic female leads. I was disappointed in how Dissidia ruined Terra though, but SE has been doing this lately unfortunately (i.e. KH Cloud, Vivi, and Setzer.)

Palutena - Kid Icarus Uprising: Since our previous talking about this game in the end of the world thread, I've been reminded of how great of a character we have here. While she was originally another Peach/Zelda emotionless damsel in distress type of deal 25 years back, her revival was done so well even hardcore oldies lovers couldn't help but love her new self (and this DOES NOT HAPPEN VERY OFTEN with those types of people.) Being a force of justice at heart but maintaining an air of hilarious sarcasm within her, she's become one of the most likeable female leads in gaming in my opinion.

Riesz - Seiken Densetsu 3: Now this is a game where you can choose your main character from the six different playable characters in the game, but following Riesz's story (especially with Hawkeye as the second character) is the most interesting in my opinion. She's still one of my favorite designs for a female character, and she's strong-willed and caring while being one of the more cheerful characters of the game despite her past. Also, while I'm not big on the FFX-style love fests, I like the type of very subtle relationship she shares with Hawkeye (especially liking how you have to play the game separately with him in and not in her party to get the full experience.)

Lyndis - Fire Emblem: What else is there to say? One of the greatest masters of the blade to grace gaming. Eirika and Micaiah have nothing on this legendary Fire Emblem lady lord.

Kat - Gravity Rush: I didn't (and still haven't) bought a Vita because of one reason: almost no games for it. Even so, I played my friend's Vita and the one game that came with it. Kat's personality doesn't quite live up to some of the greater female leads, but her design and ability does. I don't like her design quite as much as Riesz's, but it's still up there in my book. So what else makes her great? If you want a lot of moving around space, then this is the game: you get the entire airspace to move around, and then you can shift gravity to run along buildings! The world is Kat's oyster, and that makes her awesome.

Aya Brea - Parasite Eve: Though she may have not been the first female character I played as, she was probably the one who gave me true respect for female leads. Even though I was intrigued by seeing Terra as my main character, my interest quickly shifted to Locke, Sabin, and Setzer back in the day (though now Terra and Celes have risen above them as my favorites in the game.) But Aya really peaked my interest with how a female lead can really be awesome. I was eventually sold when I would go on after playing Parasite Eve to find out that Samus was - in fact - a woman.

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Female Main Chars FTW! Empty Re: Female Main Chars FTW!

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