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What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!?

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What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!? Empty What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!?

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:17 pm

Okay then.
Since WayForward seems to be a very open company IN MY EYES, I would like to ask you what kind of games you would like them to make.
So what do you have in mind?

Of course, these are BY NO MEANS requests or anything like that. Just ideas!

As for me, I would like them to REMAKE/REBOOT many of the AMIGA games!
Since the system is so old, you cannot play those games anymore nowadays.
Which is a huge shame! Since the Amiga had many awesome games, that you don't see anymore these days.

Of course, since the system is so old, video gaming was still in it's child shoes back then, resulting in mostly INCONVENIENT or partly even NIGHTMARISH CONTROLS!
And many features, that are a given in today's video games, were not present back then.
Main Menu controls or even the ability to go back, if you changed your mind.
Just to name a few...

But even still, it did have wonderful games that were fun to play.
Games that I wish would make a return nowadays.

Here are the Amiga games, that I wish would return the most...
Battle Squadron

One of my favourite Arcade-style Shooter games of all time.

Possible changes or additions:
- Maybe making the game longer, with multiple levels.
- Level Selection
- Adding health. instead of getting killed with just one hit.
- Making weapon pickups more clear and less confusiing.
(The weapon-pickup changes color, whenever it touches either side of the screen, each color representing a different weapon. You can either upgrade your weapon, by collection the same color or get a new one, by collecting a different color. Rather confusing, if you are new to the game...)


Best puzzle game ever, with A HUGE NUMBER OF LEVELS!

Possible changes or additions:
- Easier controls is all it needs...


Cutest platformer ever! Kitty Face

Possible changes or additions:
... I am not sure if it needs any drastic addition to be honest.
Just adapting it to today's standards is all it needs, if you ask me.

Paradroid 90

One of the most unique overhead-shooters.

Possible changes or additions:
- MORE LEVELS! (Seriously, it needs to be longer)
- Level Selections
- Easier takeover-minigame.
Seriously, the mini-game, when you try to possess an enemy-robot, is so confusing and unfair.
Confusing. because it looks so complex and confusing, you probably don't know what to do, when you first play it.
And unfair, because if you don't succeed to possess the enemy robot, you're destroyed instantly.
So yeah, make it easier and easier to follow AND don't result in an instant life-loss, if you don't succeed.


One of the very first 3D-games and one of the best concepts up tp this date.

Possible changes or additions:
Aside from giving it updated graphics...
Seriously, the controls were so horrible in this game, it was almost unplayable.
So personally I sticked to DEMO MODE, where the AI plays.
Another thing that pissed me off, is that you had to constantly move your front to face the enemy, in order for your main cannon to hit it.
And it resulted in many crashes, since in many situations, you couldn't make the cannon face the enemy, without either crashing into the ground or crashing into something.

Alien Breed

A mixture of overhead-shooter and horror game.

Possible changes or additions:
Once again, apart from an update to today's standards, it doesn't need any drastic changes or additions...

P.P. Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon

A puzzle-platformer and one of the best.

Possible changes and additions:
- Making it unable to get stuck, if possible.
- Making enemies defeatable
(Since in this game, you can only run away. And if they "die" somehow, they will respawn instantly.)
- Level Selection, if a non open-world approachs a la Shantae is taken.
(Seriously, this game didn't have one. Only the message "Congratz! You beat the game! Lookout for P.P. Hammer 2" and that's it. P.P Hammer 2 never came BTW...)

Lotus games
Of course, they wouldn't have to remake all three games. Just making one, with updates. Kitty Face

Possible changes or additions:
- Real tracks with a real map.
- A true track editor, instead of just determing how much curves, heights, obstacles, etc. the track has.
- More cars
- Making opponents actual opponents.
(Seriously, in this game, they only bounced back and forth to the left and right and even were invulnerable to track obstacles.)
- Fixing unfair obstacles and times.
(Playing on the roadworks-theme with Arcade-style for example, often makes it impossible to reach checkpoints in time, due to the random obstacles seriously hindering your way.)

So much for my Amiga games.

As for other games I would like to see by them.

Turok 4
I am aware that this game series stands in great contrast to the kind of games they normally make.
Since Turok games always had a lot of blood and gore.
And I am also aware that the Turok games were rebooted and the previous timeline died since then.
But seriously, THE NEW GAMES SUCK.
Turok games were so much better back then in N64-times.
So I would like to see the old and superior timeline to return.
Especially since Turok 3 ended with a cliffhanger that now, with the death of Acclaim, hangs there to never get resolved.
But can it, after all those years, get it resolved after all?
I would certainly like to see that... Kitty Face

For more info on the Turok-games, refer to my Turok-topic!

Spectre Game

Specture is an APPLE/MAC-EXCLUSIVE games, and one of the best games I have ever played.
I would like to see a variant of it from WayForward. Kitty Face

I would also like to list my game concepts here.
But I dunno if that would be selfish, shameless or anything like that. ^^;

But yeah, that's it from my side.
What about you ppz?
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What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!? Empty Re: What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!?

Post by BossFight on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:11 am

Good ideas. WayForward has been very exceptional at bringing back the oldies.

...And even though we've gone over this countless times... To be honest, I wanna see a **** 3D Shantae. Hopefully Pirate's Curse will wrap up the current story arc to a point where they can start fresh, allowing them to move over to 3D. I've recently been having the urge for a 3D Shantae far more than I wanted one back when we did the thread on it however many months ago.
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What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!? Empty Re: What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!?

Post by Nai255 on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:51 am

I wouldn't mind seeing a space shooter of some kind by WayForward.
Doesn't have to be related to Sigma Star Saga or anything, just perhaps a slightly new take on a good ol' formula.
Maybe with simultaneous multiplayer as well, you don't see that too often in the genre.
And who says we have to control ships? How about having hi-tech rocketpack girls? Awesome Face

I heard they wanted to try a Metroid game as well in a previous post. I'm all for whatever they can offer, since they've shown us some pretty solid stuff of it's kind in the form of Shantae. There really is nowhere to go but up after Other M.

If anything, I'd love to see that Xtreme Sports sequel I keep hoping for Wink

What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!? Sig

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What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!? Empty Re: What kind of games would you like to see from WayForward?!?

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