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Post by Guest on Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:14 pm

Hey friends! To prepare for Shantae's approaching arrival on personal computers, I set up a Steam group for Shantae:

It's been steadily increasing in interest and activity as the weeks have passed by. Smile Two WayForward employees have regularly hung out in the chat room, as well: Shane Calimlim, their internal engine developer, and James Chan, their technical director. As I'm sure you all know, once the gang at WayForward can assign a few staffers to convert it, Risky's Revenge will launch on Steam. Half-Genie Hero will follow, with beta access exclusive to the Steam client (and to backers at or above the $45 pledge tier). A few of us Steam users plan to collaborate for contests and/or giveaways to celebrate the Steam debuts of both RR and HGH. Check out and join the group, if you like, or just if the prospect of winning a download of either of those games sounds appealing to ya! Kitty Face

Oh, and FYI: WayForward hasn't yet announced any plans to offer HGH for Mac or Linux - only Windows, thus far. If that changes, I'm sure word will get out sooner or later. X3 Thanks~


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