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Shantae in Smash Bros. Empty Shantae in Smash Bros.

Post by StayPuft on Sun Sep 28, 2014 8:27 pm

Before all of this: sorry if this is in the wrong section. I figured it fit, but you never really know.

Hey everyone, my name is StayPuft. I'm a developer over at Super Smash Bros. Crusade, which is a smash bros. fangame featuring veterans to the smash brothers series like Sonic, Mario, and Donkey Kong, while also incorporating many newcomers including Crash Bandicoot, Ridley, Ryu from Street Fighter, Rayman, etc. etc.

Shantae in Smash Bros. ARPw1KP
Sprites and alternate colors by yours truly!

I'm currently running a campaign within the Crusade devteam to attempt to get Shantae in the game as a playable character!  So far opinions have been mixed considering... she really isn't that well-known, and that we are considering other characters that would be more recognizable than her at this point in time.
Why I'm making a topic here is because I'd like your help with forming a possible moveset for her. I'm pretty sure having a good moveset planned will help her chances of getting in this fangame. I already have a base moveset planned out, which includes four special moves and all the normals + a final smash, but I've only actually played Risky's Revenge, and really haven't touched the original game. I've attempted to include some things from the original game but I'm not 100% sure if they are completely accurate. I've also somewhat been out of the loop lately on Shantae news... I know there are new Shantae games coming out, but I'm not very knowledgable on anything new they're bringing to the table, and I'm not sure if there's anything amazing that I should be incorporating.

So, without further ado, here's my current moveset:
Neutral Special - Belly Dance
By holding down the special button, Shantae begins dancing. Releasing the special button will stop Shantae’s dance. While dancing, pressing any directional button will cause Shantae to transform into one of three possible forms, and each form performs a specific attack. After the attack, Shantae reverts to her normal form. Shantae can dance in mid-air, which slows her decent at the beginning of the dance (first 1.5 seconds).

Pressing the FORWARD/BACKWARD directional key turns Shantae into her monkey form. Soon after this, Shantae dashes forwards or backwards (based on the direction you used to transform) as the monkey and clings to the first enemy she encounters. She sticks to them, and you can press A to attack them. After Shantae is shrugged off, she returns to normal.

Pressing the UP directional key turns Shantae into her harpy form. This form is unique in that rather than ending based on an attack, Shantae returns to normal after a time period is over. While a harpy, Shantae can press the A button to jump through the air, allowing for up to five aerial jumps. Pressing B allows Shantae to slash opponents while she is airborne. This effect ends after 6 seconds, or if Shantae presses DOWN+B while a Harpy. This form can be used as another means of recovery outside of her normal UP+B.

Pressing the DOWN directional key turns Shantae into her elephant form. Shantae immediately jumps slightly then slams downwards, burying opponents if they are caught. If Shantae transforms in-air, the elephant immediately starts traveling down, and opponents are again crushed if caught within the elephant’s path, in addition to being meteor-mashed if they are hit in-air. Shantae reverts after the stomp has been completed.

ORIGIN: Shantae has the ability to transform into different animals/creatures in her games, all by dancing. The three here are not all of them, but are arguably the most recognizable (monkey and elephant appearing in both games so far, and Harpy being one of the most useful in the original game). Despite the usefulness of these forms, they are not as well suited for combat as Shantae herself is, who uses items and fighting techniques that her animal forms cannot do. So, here the forms are all put into one move, each one having a different use than the other, but not outshining Shantae herself in the fighting department, just like in the original games.

Side Special - Spitfire
If the special button is just pressed, Shantae will fire a fireball that travels at a decent rate and damages opponents. If the special button is held. Shantae will release a stream of fire from her hands that deals good damage over time if opponents are close to her.

ORIGIN: Shantae can purchase the spitfire item and upgrade it. The first purchase just grants a fireball, but upgrading can grant a flamethrower that Shantae shoots from her hands.

Up Special - Warp Squid
When this move is first used, Shantae summons a Warp Squid mother to the location where Shantae is standing. The Warp Squid can be destroyed, with it having 25 HP. When Shantae uses UP+B again, Shantae will teleport to the Warp Squid’s location, dealing light damage around the warp squid as she enters.

ORIGIN: Warp Squids have appeared in both games so far, both in different ways. However, in both appearances they allow Shantae to warp (hence the name) to different places, usually from one warp squid to another. Here, Shantae can teleport to a pre-determined location by placing a warp squid and then teleporting to it.

Down Special - Spikeball
A chargeable move. The longer this move is charged, the more spikeballs appear around Shantae (max. 3). When this move is released, spikeballs (based on the charge level) appear around Shantae, dealing damage to opponents that are too close. Each spikeball can either damage or be hit by a projectile/attack once before disappearing. Attacks that would normally hit Shantae as well as the spikeball hit the spikeball for full damage and the damage to Shantae is halved.

ORIGIN: The pikeball is an item that Shantae can purchase and use. In the games, they rotate around "your bad self" and damage nearby enemies. You can upgrade the pikeballs, granting up to three rotating around Shantae at a given time.

Final Smash - Risky Boots’ Attack!
As Shantae activates her final smash, Risky Boots’ ship crashes onto the stage, and Shantae makes a run for it. Every other character on the stage is fair game as Risky Boots and her army of Tinkerbats attack the opponents on the stage, dealing high damage if opponents are caught within the plethora of Tinkerbats. The tinkerbats themselves have no kill power to speak of; that lies with Risky Boots. Her attacks hit hard and can KO opponents at medium-to-high percentages. After 12 seconds, Risky and her army disappears and Shantae comes back onstage.

ORIGIN: Shantae does not really have anything that suits a "final smash", so a cameo from her arch-nemesis was decided upon instead. Risky Boots is a pirate, known for her ruthlessness and bringing destruction upon areas she decides to pillage. Her army is composed of tinkerbats, which make an appearance.

Shantae cracks her large ponytail forward like a whip. A 1-hit jab, but can be executed in quick succession. Based on the basic attack from the games.
Forward Tilt
Shantae kicks forwards.
Up Tilt
Shantae lifts her hand upwards, creating a small ball of electricity that damages opponents above her.
Down Tilt
Shantae cracks her ponytail forward while crouching, hitting opponents she might not be able to normally with her jab. This attack has the same attackspeed as her Jab and Neutral Air. Based on the basic attack while crouching from the games.

Dash Attack
Elbow Dash: Shantae slides forwards with her elbow extended. Travels a decent length. Based on a fighting skill from the GBC game.
Get-Up Attack
Shantae stands on her head and extends her legs outwards to hit both sides, then she flips to stand upright.
Edge Attack
Shantae flips onto the stage and kicks.

Forward Smash
Shantae moves forwards while spinning in place, dealing multiple hits of damage. Based on a fighting skill from the GBC game, which is normally used while doing an Elbow Dash.
Down Smash
A storm cloud appears above Shantae. When released, the thundercloud releases two large thunderbolts on both sides of where Shantae is. Based on an item you can purchase in Shantae, which summons a stormcloud above her that shoots lightning out at enemies.
Up Smash
Shantae kicks upwards twice while rising into the air, dealing damage. Shantae ends up in the air after this attack, allowing for an aerial attack follow-up if desired. Based on a fighting skill from the GBC game.

Neutral Air
An aerial version of her jab, Shantae uses her ponytail like a whip to rapidly attack aerial opponents. Has same attack speed as jab and down tilt. Again, based on the basic attack from the Shantae games.
Forward Air
Shantae kicks forwards twice.
Back Air
Shantae uses her elbow to bash opponents to the back of her.
Down Air
Shantae moves diagonally downwards while spinning, damaging opponents with her legs. Based on a fighting skill from the original Shantae game for GBC.
Up Air
Shantae extends her arms upwards to create an arc of magical energy above herself, dealing damage to opponents.

Shantae attempts to grab opponents in front of her.
Shantae uses her knees to pummel the opponent.
Forward Throw
Shantae kicks the opponent away.
Back Throw
Shantae uses all her might to thrust the opponents away.
Down Throw
Shantae jumps onto the opponent and slams down foot-first onto them.
Up Throw
Shantae throws the opponent up, then kicks them to launch them away.

Shantae puts her hand behind her head and smiles.
Shantae teleports onto the battlefield.
Shantae jumps up and puts her hands into the air.
Shantae claps for the winner.

So... yeah! I'd love some feedback on this. Anything to help make it better increases her chances of making it in.

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Shantae in Smash Bros. Empty Re: Shantae in Smash Bros.

Post by Paragon-Yoshi on Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:00 pm

Hi there, StayPuft.
I am glad you decided to join us.
Hope you will enjoy your stay.
But tbh, we are not the most active forum right now. ^^;

As for your suggestion: I am loving it.
Tho so far, I have had negative experience with the SSBC staff. So I am having my doubts this'll work.
Still, I'd give it a shot.

As for your moveset:
So far, it looks solid.
Tho some attacks I would replace:

The obvious one, the UP-Special.
I would replace with her Jump Kick special attack from the original Shantae.

I have played the original Shantae a ton of times, so I know how they work.

She can buy four special attacks in that game.
The one I am talking about here, if the Jump Kick.
She kicks straight up, while being lifted into the air.
Then, at the peak she will follow it up with another kick.
Then proceeds to curl herself in, spinning, until she hits the ground.

Another special attack is her Elbow Charge.
By holding the attack button for a few seconds, she can charge up and then perform an elbow-dash.
It starts out fast, but decelerates over time and stops until she either cancels it with a jump or comes to a complete halt.

The other two special attacks are follow-ups.
While performing either of the above two mentioned moves, Shantae can press the attack button again to follow it up with a stronger attack.
The follow-up attack for the Jump Kick is the Drill Kick. After reaching the peak of her jump, she will perform a Drill Kick diagonal down.
It ends once she hits the ground.

The follow-up for the Elbow Charge, is the Hair Twirl.
While elbow dashing, pressing the Attack button again, causes her to soar through the air with a spinning hair attack.
Depending on the speed during Elbow Dash, Shantae can cover more or less distance with that attack.
The Hair Twirl attack comes to a stop, as soon as she lands.

I would also love to see more of her items.
Like the Storm Puff, Vanish Creams and the sorts.
But oh well...

Anyway, I hope I could help you.
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Shantae in Smash Bros. Empty Re: Shantae in Smash Bros.

Post by Maetch on Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:27 pm

Personally, I'd ditch the dance mechanic and just make Shantae's transformations instantaneous. Smash usually ignores standard game mechanics anyway.

Here's mine. A attacks are simple hair-whips and Fighter's Gear attacks, so they don't need much explanation.

B: Hair Twirl
Shantae spins in place to deflect projectiles and knock away enemies who get too close, but doing it too much makes her dizzy for a couple of seconds.

Forward-B: Monkey
Works like Pikachu's Skull Bash. Hold the button to build power, then let go to turn into a speedy monkey bullet.

Up-B: Harpy
Shantae turns into a Harpy and flies forward at an upward-angle, cutting enemies with razor-sharp talons.

Down-B: Elephant
Shantae turns into an elephant and makes a hop forward before stomping the ground. If performed in mid-air, she'll fall straight down on the spot.

Final Smash: Dance Fever
The field dims and a spotlight comes down on Shantae. She will begin dancing to the beat as an unseen audience throws gems at the field, damaging any opponent they hit. Hit the A button in time with the beat to send more gems flying.

Item: Storm Puff
Grab and throw it to make the Puff hover in place and shoot lightning towards the ground.

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Shantae in Smash Bros. Empty Re: Shantae in Smash Bros.

Post by Nai255 on Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:42 pm

Greetings, StayPuft. And very spiffin' sprites, if I may say so!

I had made a post here for the fun of it about a Smash moveset for Shantae,
with the specials being similar to those that Paragon-Yoshi had mentioned:
The spinning dive kick for Up-B and flying elbow charge for Forward-B.
The Neutral-B I had was a remote Storm Puff attack similar to Din's Fire, and Down-B was a dance that affected nearby opponents (with sleep).

I could see Shantae using her hair to grab opponents like a grappling rope and for tether recoveries, instead of just with her hands. I also like the idea of special items like the Pike Ball as part of her non-specials, like the Down-Smash Storm Puffs, or a brief orbiting Pike Ball as a Neutral Air-A. For a Final Smash, perhaps a blitz attack featuring all her different animal forms.

Even if people don't think that Shantae would make a good fit in a Smash Bros. roster, there really is a lot of potential for a solid moveset based on her moves in-game. It just depends on how you'd like her to play.

My original Shantae Smash post: HERE

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Shantae in Smash Bros. Empty Re: Shantae in Smash Bros.

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